There is hope for the kids in School Center for Inclusive Education in Beclean | SIVECO Romania

There is hope for the kids in School Center for Inclusive Education in Beclean

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bucharest, 08 February 2007 – The new trends in educational environment emphasize the requirement for a teaching instrument, which involves both actors of teaching-learning process – teachers and students.

Thus, to assure all students of the School Center for Inclusive Education in Beclean equal opportunities to obtain knowledge’s and abilities for integrating and benefiting from advantages of Informational Society, teachers Manea Adrian and Orban Ioana have succeed to fully equip the science lab of the school through personal funds. 

SIVECO Romania meets this extraordinary initiative and offer pupils of the Center the possibility to learn efficient by means off the best educational content in the world offered for free AeL license and educational content as well as technical support needed to implement the eLearning solution in the school.

SIVECO Romania solution is based on the newest psycho-pedagogic and informatics principles and it was developed by SIVECO Romania’s experts together with technical team, pedagogues, psychologists with experience in order to sustain the didactic process, contributing meaningful to a better approach of contents and developing the key competencies of those who are trained.     

The new teaching method stimulate the creativity of the students and offer them the chance to experiment what they learn, learning process became now efficient. AeL lessons, the best educational content in the world are already available in 4800 schools and high schools in Romania through IT-based Educational System program.

AeL eContent won the World Summit Award 2005 contest and is a best practice example for the new tendencies in eLearning, more than 1650 lessons of mathematics, informatics, biology, geography an so on are available in Romania’s schools through IT-based Educational System program, giving schools the opportunity to use the best educational content in the world.

This sponsorship is part of a series of actions by which SIVECO Romania brings its contribution to the modernization and efficiency of the Educational System.

"We know that our sign is a symbolic one. We hope that this connection with this kids will became soon great projects in which kids can be more responsible and more implicated and bring benefits for their colleagues” says Stefan Morcov, AeL Product Manager.