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Top 16 reasons why do you need Document Management

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How SIVADOC cut the cost of processing documents?

Bucharest, 29 July 2009 - The number of documents generated by organizations is increasing. Experts argue that every 3.5 years the volume of documents on paper in an organization is doubled, so that in the absence of a management unit of the whole flow of documents can cause bottlenecks and delays in carrying out activities.

Computerized document management can become, therefore, a significant advantage in the current competitive context.

SIVADOC solution document management from SIVECO Romania provides 16 important advantages:

1. Allows centralizing and making available to the whole organization of all documents, regardless of how their input into the system and the nature of their (text documents, electronic messages, faxes, scanned documents, images);
2. The organization documents are ordered in a tree-like structure, in drawers, files and documents, similar to a standard folder system, providing flexibility for perfect adjustment to the users' practical needs and preferences;
3. Generate documents in standardized formats;
4. Adapted mechanisms to a simple search or advanced search at any level of knowledge in computer use and needs to perform filtering based on various criteria of complexity;
5. Provides for documents printed in the scanning mechanisms and extraction of information type Optical Character Recognition, and documents in electronic format using mechanisms of integration with electronic messaging systems, management of fax messages, and features automatic loading documents saved in specific directories;
6. Provides integration with Microsoft Office applications and integration into the working environment of Microsoft Windows;
7. Allows secure access to any level of deposit of documents, whether it is drawer, file or document;
8. Ensure reduction in storage translate documents from the archive in electronic format;
9. Keep documents safe from the archive without risk of worsening thereof;
10. Reflect the real situation, the facilities management, the organization and work, ensuring the protection of information within the organization and externally;
11. Works with any databases known (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2). Again for flexibility reasons, SIVADOC was designed so that it may be operable both in the Microsoft Windows operation system and in the Linux system;
12. Accelerate processes and increase organizational efficiency;
13. Improves quality of information processing in the organization;
14. Improves image organization using standardized documents, treating problems similar flows through well-established rules, keeping the consistency of information presented via the web site organization;
15. Reduced by at least 30% of paper consumption as a result of the movement and storage of electronic documents between departments or to / from external partners;
16. Using electronically sign documents can offer the same legal value as documents as in physical format.

"The beneficiaries of these benefits are both companies, whose costs of processing the documents fall significantly, and customers who will receive services faster and more efficient", says Radu Lazar, SIVADOC responsible, in SIVECO Romania.