SIVECO continues to dominate the Top of High Tech Companies in Bucharest | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO continues to dominate the Top of High Tech Companies in Bucharest

Friday, October 28, 2016

The methodology for carrying out the CCIB top takes into account the net turnover, operating profit, , rate of operating profit, human resources usage efficiency and efficiency of using the capital invested

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bucharest (CCIB) has organized, on October 27, its traditional annual gala, where it awards the highest performing companies in the fields of research & development and high-tech, industry, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, constructions and services. 

Reaching this year to the XXIII edition, the event is a benchmark for Romania’s capital city, as the Top of Bucharest companies is considered a barometer of the city’s economic evolution.

This year too, SIVECO Romania has preserved 1st Place in the field of “Research- Development and High Tech”, in the category large size companies.

This position reconfirms the positive evolution of the company, despite the economic turbulence at national, as well as international level.

The top is build based on an extremely exigent and complex methodology, approved and applied in a consistent manner at the level of the entire Chamber system. In order to draw up the rankings, CCIB considers the following indicators: net turnover, operating profit, rate of operating profit, human resources’ usage efficiency and efficiency of invested capital’s use.

This explains why, from the 120,615 companies having official residence in the Capital city, that have submitted the trade balance afferent to year 2015, only 34,390 companies, meaning 28.5% of the total number, fulfilled the eligibility criteria for evaluation.

"We award the tenacity of those managers and entrepreneurs who did not give up on their dream and we are rewarding, even though only morally, the determination they have proved throughout the years when they surpassed their limits, have broken down myths, changed mentalities and  perceptions, have built strong, close teams and constructed, with honesty and tenacity, high ranking businesses”, has stated Mr. Sorin Dimitriu, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest Municipality (CCIB).

SIVECO Romania is the leader of Romanian software houses and the only Romanian software firm providing IT services directly to European Commission bodies.

The company has specialized in executing complex, large scale IT projects for education, health, agriculture, customs institutions, European organizations, private companies and public institutions as well. These projects are developed by a team of over 400 people, experts having a professionally competitive business card at global level.

“Through the IT solutions we are providing for vital sectors of the society, such as education, health and agriculture, having as direct beneficiaries public institutions and top companies in Romania, companies from the European Community area, but also from the Middle East, North Africa and CIS zone, we wish to offer people useful products, that make a difference in their life. As the sustainability of projects we are involved in is of great importance to us, we often undertake actions additional to our regular provider related obligations. Therefore, we are happy to discover that these efforts are recognized by the community, during events such as the one organized by CCIB. They stimulate us to act in the same way further on”, states  Florin Ilia, President & CEO SIVECO Romania.