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TOP SOFTWARE for top football club

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

September 14th  2004 - Top performance sport first requires talented people, but also strong financial support, especially when the sport name is football.

The last decade gather near the Romanian football people passionate for the king sport, which invested impressive amount of money to sustain the performance. Businessmen are governed by efficiency, their actions being oriented towards streamlining the use of resources.

Such an example is the management of Football Club Steaua, who decided to modernize and streamline the economic activity by implementing the information-integrated system SIVECO Applications.

Thus, the financial management, fixed assets, payroll, contracts, human resources, inventory, procurement and sales components will contribute to the optimum management of the club’s resources.

The implementation of the integrated package SIVECO Applications and the football club’s personnel training in using it are in full swing.

“ The project at Steaua is a premiership for us.  Yet, we are all sport amateurs, we have never implemented the ERP solution in organizations of such profile.  More than that, the prestige and force of Steaua Football Club honors our collaboration. We signed the contract around the celebration of a great victory for Steaua: 18 years form the European Champion Cup winning, and we were about to celebrate the no.1 position on the Romanian EAS market. This coincidence can only be a benefic for both of us.” - Irina SOCOL, General Manager SIVECO Romania SA.