The pensions and social security systems have a huge impact on the well-being of Europeans and the sustainability of financial policies | SIVECO Romania

The pensions and social security systems have a huge impact on the well-being of Europeans and the sustainability of financial policies

Monday, May 27, 2013
The software platform developed by SIVECO Romania ensures the setting up with accuracy of contributory benefits for any legal framework, at international level

Pension systems are more frequently regarded as a matter of common concern in the European Union countries, being of major importance both for the citizens’ well-being, as well as for the sustainability of public finances. The legislative differences between countries, together with differences in structure and types of available pensions require the ever growing need of a common framework for managing the social security rights, considering at the same time the increasing mobility of European Union citizens.

In order to meet the demand for an efficient management of the pension systems at national level, in accordance with the current policies, the software solutions developed by SIVECO Romania have integrated tools for uniform management of the insured persons, the employers, the contributions and for the setting up in real time of the amount of contributions the insured persons are benefitting of.

Establishing in an accurate manner the pensions or other assimilated benefits, the management of a very large volume of data under conditions of maximal efficiency and transparency are the main challenges for an information system dedicated to managing the social security rights.

SIVECO has successfully addressed these aspects within the TOPAZ information system, developed with the purpose of providing the contributors improved services in the area of contributory and non-contributory benefits. This is made possible by means of ensuring a high degree of efficiency, transparency and control over internal activities, through an IT-based management process of the pensions and social security rights, which are managed by public institutions.

"The key aspect for ensuring a robust IT-based solution for the IT based management of social security rights system is flexibility. We have considered this essential aspect throughout the entire design and development stages of the TOPAZ system, which is equipped with the necessary mechanism for a fast integration at any time of the legislative changes that might occur. This vital functionality, but also the easiness in adapting the system anywhere, in any country, make TOPAZ a competitive solution at international level, providing the public institutions with an increased control over the public pensions and other social security rights systems", declared Mihăiţă Ionel, Manager of Customized Applications Development Department.

The contributory benefits managed through the system are related to both those for which the insured person has contributed for (ex: pension, unemployment aid, maternity allowance etc.), and also to those the beneficiary has not contributed (ex: social pension, orphans’ allowance etc).

The IT solution proposed by SIVECO ensures the centralization into the system of the information necessary for the management and payment of the social security rights by all the institutions participating to the process. Moreover, the system automatically verifies the fulfillment of the eligibility conditions and allows the automatic calculation of the quantum of assimilated benefits, based on a predefined set of rules that can be modified at any moment depending of the legal changes.

The system includes functionalities ensuring the management of debts and due payments for each contributor and allows the establishment at any moment in time of the level of current amounts due for payment and monitoring the situation of payments performed. Another important application module allows real time monitoring of the collection of contributions paid by employers, which can be performed directly and very quickly by means of a portal-type interface, integrated into the application. This interface provides the authorized persons with fast and simple access to the necessary information, while offering the beneficiaries the possibility of accessing their own history of contributions and payments.

"Based on all the functionalities provided by the system, its users have at their disposal the necessary tools for a quick processing and correct solving of the requests regarding the calculation and payment of the social security rights. Thus, TOPAZ solution contributes directly to increasing the efficiency as well as the degree of transparency of the pensions and social security systems", added Mihaiţă Ionel.