The traditional partnership between SIVECO Romania and the National Association of IT Experts in Romania  (ANIAP) is based on trust and professionalism | SIVECO Romania

The traditional partnership between SIVECO Romania and the National Association of IT Experts in Romania  (ANIAP) is based on trust and professionalism

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Bucharest, 18th of February 2003 - The Foundation for Local Authorities Reform in Bulgaria, has recently organized, in Sofia, with the support of USAID-Bulgaria, a conference on e-government for decision makers at central and local level, as well as for specialists in informatics at public administration level.

The over 150 participants in the event, among which personalities like Debra McFarland, Mission Director at USAID (US Agency for International Development),  Krzysztof Glomb, President of " Cities on Internet" Association (Poland), Andre van der Meer, Executive Director at  "Telecities " Association (Holland),  expressed their appreciation for the Romanian delegation presentations, that is for ANIAP and SIVECO Romania representatives. 

"The promotion of professional solutions for creating the e-administration concept is one of ANIAP?s constant objectives. As a traditional partner of our association, SIVECO Romania proves, by the solution it develops, that it is not only a software provider, but also a professional and reliable partner for implementing this concept", declares Sevil Sumanariu, ANIAP President.

The participation in this seminar is only the first in a series of such actions ANIAP and private companies aim to develop together in 2003.

During the e-government conference in Bulgaria, Sevil Sumanariu presented the e-administration concept, according to the Romanian Government vision and strategy for Computerizing the Public Administration; she emphasized as well the partnerships between ANIAP and the associative structures for implementing e-government principles and the way Electronic Tax Payment System can solve local  authorities? problems.

From a practical point of view, the ANIAP presentation was accompanied by a success story presented by Mr. Daniel Pisaru, Commercial Responsible for promoting the solutions meant for public administration in SIVECO Romania, as well as by

a demonstration of the way the "e-tax-payment", implemented at Bucharest 5th Sector City Hall, works.

The infokiosk solution, inaugurated in April 2002 at Bucharest 5th Sector City Hall, was developed by a consortium of companies co-ordinated by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, and made up of Siveco Romania, Ericsson Romania and Intrarom. By the infokiosks and the city hall web-site, the citizens have access to a wide range of information: practical, legislative, as well as that referring to the exact cuantumum of the owed local taxes.

"The visualization and payment of the local taxes can be done both directly, by the infokiosk system at the Tax Direction cash office, for those who own credit or debit cards, emitted by any bank, and by Internet, for those who have accounts at the banks offering Internet banking transaction systems", declared Mr. Daniel Pisaru.

Romanian delegation presentation had such a strong impact on the audience, that, during the conference memorandum, the Bulgarian participants decided to set up the IT Experts Association in the Bulgarian Public Administration, based on ANIAP model and to start common projects, like the one presented by SIVECO Romania.