The national exams period generated a new traffic record on – over 110 million views | SIVECO Romania

The national exams period generated a new traffic record on – over 110 million views

Friday, July 19, 2013
Over 4 million unique visitors accessed exam results on between 1-17 July 2013

The portal, initiated by the Ministry of National Education in collaboration with SIVECO Romania, was among the most visited Romanian websites in the first half of July, recording 4.098.441 unique visitors and 110.648.550 page views. 

During this time, the most accessed sites of the portal were, and

An impressive traffic record was registered by the site, where candidates and other interested visitors could view partial and final results obtained in the first Baccalaureate session this year.

The peak traffic was registered Monday, 8th July 2013, when became the most visited website in Romania, following the release of the results for the first Baccalaureate session, attracting approximately 1,1 million unique visitors. During the peak hours, over 3.500 pages were viewed per second, by over 86.000 simultaneous viewers.

At the same time, this period was an emotional time for the over 145.000 pupils finishing the 8th grade, who undertook their national evaluation exams, on the basis of which they were assigned to high-schools, according to previously made choices.  

2013 marks the 13th consecutive year since the high-school distribution of 8th grade graduates has been performed electronically on a national level, in perfectly secure and transparent conditions, due to the IT system supplied by SIVECO Romania. The allocation of high-school places is based on the school performance of candidates, as well as on their choices, using a well defined algorithm that ensures transparency in the  process and correct allocation for each candidate.

On the website, dedicated to high-school admission, future students could access the final distribution reports, registering peak traffic numbers on 5th and 15th July 2013.

"We are proud that the correct functioning of the IT system provided by SIVECO Romania has ensured yearly, starting with 2001, a transparent and efficient process for the computer-based application and distribution of pupils into high-schools. This led, this year, not only to respecting the planning of all the stages in the high-school admission calendar, but also to finalizing the computer-based distribution of high-school places a day earlier than specified in the official methodology. For the distribution to be done in optimal transparency and security conditions, the process was coordinated by a team formed of specialists from both the Ministry of National Education and SIVECO Romania, who successfully managed and solved any unauthorized access attempts targeted at the Ministry of Education websites," stated Florin Ilia, Vicepresident SIVECO Romania.

Starting with 2011, the result websites run on the Windows Azure platform that ensures, due to its calculation power, accessibility for the high-demand periods. According to Windows Azure’s operating principles, data is stored on redundant media so as to ensure its availability and security.

The technologies used by the websites for publishing national exam results were designed to not only successfully manage a very large number of visitors, but also to resist possible attacks meant to disrupt the services provided.