„Traian Vuia” Timisoara International Airport chose SIVECO Applications to automatize and optimize its operations and workflow | SIVECO Romania

„Traian Vuia” Timisoara International Airport chose SIVECO Applications to automatize and optimize its operations and workflow

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bucharest, 17th of January 2006 – Recently, „Traian Vuia” Timisoara International Airport chose SIVECO Romania’s solution SIVECO Applications. In the last three years this solution, entirely developed in Romania, has prevailed the EAS (Enterprise Application Suites) business software providers top in Romania with a market share of 18,7%.

The Strategic Plan for the Development of the Infrastructure of the National Company Timisoara International Airport - Traian Vuia S.A. is a major project, which contains a series of investments and modernizations, with a total value of about 96.04 million and aims to improve and diversify the services offered to the travelers and operators but also to the local community though opportunities created by the numerous adjacent objectives witch are expected to be put into practice and opened to the public until 2012.

Thus appeared the need to buy an Integrated System able to manage in a unitary manner all data category and existing information, able to answer to all departments needs, to assure an accurate, complete and rapid access to information for the decision making authorities and able to improve relationship provider - client.  

Following the analysis of the offers, „Traian Vuia” Timisoara International Airport chose to automate its activities with the help of SIVECO Applications Integrated System.

At the end of the last year, SIVECO Romania’ s project team delivered and installed SIVAPPS database within the airport, this being the fist stage of the complex process, which involves the implementation of the following components of SIVECO Applications Integrated System:     

  • Financial-Accounting Management Component
  • Fixed Assets and Inventory Items Management Component
  • Begets Management Component
  • Contracts Management Component
  • Maintenance and Inventory Components
  • Human Resources Management Component
  • Payroll Management Component
  • SIVECO Business Analyzer – Management Information System

The implementation process of SIVECO Applications Integrated System within Timisoara Airport will bring major benefits such as: 

  • a better control at internal financial level;
  • the management is offered a way to analyze the current conditions and business trends, by visualizing and processing the statistical and historical financial data;
  • the efforts of the administrative and financial teams are focused more on the essential activities and less on working with papers, registrations, checking or filling-in the forms;
  • the management can have quick access to critical information for decision making;
  • high access speed to information and advanced methods for data recovery;
  • quick information transfer between sites;
  • the system provides information and functionality security, based on user name and individual password;
  • the possibility to centralize and consolidate the information in the entire system - which has especially financial implications.
We are honored that „Traian Vuia” Timisoara International Airport trusted us.  We have the certainty that our project team will act with professionalism and promptitude to our new client’s expectations declares Sorin Dimofte, Manager Direct Sales and Consultancy Director Department within SIVECO Romania.