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Training of staff increases the services quality

Thursday, October 1, 2009

National Center for Railway Qualification and Training - CENAFER releases "Training the trainers".

Bucharest, 1st of October 2009 - National Center for Railway Qualification and Training - CENAFER with SIVECO Romania launched yesterday the "Training of trainers", a need to align with EU standards for Railway training.

The project is co-funded by European Social Fund under the financing contract POSDRU 57/1.3/S/38654 concluded with the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection, Managing Authority of the Sectoral Operational Programme "Human Resources Development?, 2007-2013. .

The total project is 9,707,804 lei, of which financial assistance grant is 9,290,796 lei. The project is implemented at national level in the 8 regions of development, for a period of 36 months.

The project's objective is to develop further training of trainers of the Railway, by organizing training programs for them. In the long term, implementation of the project will increase the quality of training programs for the Railway's employees. This fact will have two major effects: higher quality of rail services and therefore increasing of client satisfaction (passenger, carriers), and harmonization of the Romanian railway services to those offered by other European member states.

"We face a possible decrease in traffic and personnel, and those who remain in the system must be better prepared. We want to prepare employees to manage any issue in a professional way," said Claudiu Dumitrescu, Director of railway infrastructure in the Ministry of Transport.

"Funds for the project were not attracted to the detriment of infrastructure development that comes from the Sectoral Operational Program Transport. The project will increase the quality of our workers benefit that we get better results," added Claudiu Dumitrescu.

"The project aims to identify training needs of trainers of the Railway in an innovative and effective way, by conducting a training needs analysis and developing and implementing a training system based on ICT (blended learning through eLearning portal), improving Knowledge and skills of trainers and their certification by implementing training programs, acquisition and dissemination of good practice in trainers training by holding meetings and workshops with international participation and creating information brochures," said Marius Serban, General Director of CENAFER.

SIVECO Romania will provide support for these courses through eLearning platform.

"e-Learning Platform will be optimized for training learners through online collaboration, testing and evaluation - to measure impact and effectiveness of training programs," said Catalin Stefan, Project Manager, SIVECO Romania.

About CENAFER - National Center for Railway Qualification and Training

It is established by Romania's Government Ordinance no. 58/2004, approved by Law no. 408/2004. CENAFER is organized and operated as a public institution with legal personality under the Ministry of Transport. CENAFER is designated as the national specialist of the Ministry of Transport to ensure the training-qualified, professional advancement and periodic checking of personnel carrying out specific activities safe rail movement, transport security and quality of rail services and participation authorizing committees of staff responsible for road safety rail.

National Qualification and Training Center Rail - CENAFER has extensive experience in qualifications, training or specialization because the institution was formed in 2004 by taking over the Center for Training and Qualification of Personnel Qualification Centers CFR Bucharest and CFR staff of Craiova, Timisoara , Cluj, Brasov, Iasi, Galati, Constanta. Centers for Qualification of Personnel CFR operated since the early twentieth century under the same form of organization. Training activity is conducted since 1971 at the Center for Training and Qualification of Personnel CFR Bucharest in the Law 2 / 1971.

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