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Transition to the information society – a necessity for the Romanian public administration

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bucharest, 15th of September 2006 – The processes of preparation for the EU accession involves the modernization and information revolution of the administrative sector through an increased transparency and quicker solving of the citizens’ requests, together with the lining to EU standards regarding the quality of the services provided as well as the training of the administrative personnel.

SIVECO provides an answer to this sector’s information requests by offering various products dedicated to the eAdministration domain: AeL Enterprise – eLearning solution dedicated to organizations, SIVECO Applications – EAS integrated package for business management and solutions same as the one for workflow and document management – SIVADOC.

SIVECO Romania, a traditional partner at the annual conference organized by the Public Administration Information Systems Professionals Association during 8-10 September this year, has made a presentation of AeL Enterprise, an information tool for training and learning, testing and evaluating, for content administration and the surveillance of the training process and of any institution’s evaluation of the personnel.

Based on modern educational principles, AeL Enterprise is a complete integrated training and content management platform, dedicated to institutions’ training environments that can be anytime shaped on the client’s requests and on the form he defined.

The system has a friendly interface, is easy to use, being built on portable platform or even accessible by an Internet browser, providing secure access.

The usage of AeL Enterprise allows not only the training resources management but also the surveillance of the results and the advancements obtained by using the system.

AeL Enterprise brings forward the “formative training” instead of the “informative” one, outlining the following:

- Consolidation of the organizational role;
- Search and usage of the information;
- Cooperation and team work;
- Privacy;
- Personalized curriculum and trainee approach.;

By using AeL Enterprise platform, you benefit of:

- Reduction of the training costs;
- Support of the training/learning process through modern information means, allowing the use of a modern and efficient tool by the trainers/teachers;
- Monitoring the training process and of the results obtained by the students and instructors, during courses and after they end;
- Efficient planning of resources (trainers, study classes), time efficiency, optimization of career planning;
- Increase administrative efficiency;
- Reduction of unproductive time due to class attendance;
- Reduction of the course preparation logistics costs;
- Facilitation of the learning process by increasing the receptivity and knowledge assimilation;
- Stimulation of creativity and competition, of individual work within a team;
- Possibility of encouragement of various actions as a substitute for the costly or hard to get training materials and instruments;
- Rapid and controlled access to a large information database.

 “SIVECO Romania has already gained a large experience in the public administration field by enrolling complex projects, some of them conducted at national level, the company’s specialists having the necessary knowledge and expertise in order to develop large and important projects. Today, the company is one of the most important providers of eAdministration solutions and turnkey projects. In the company’s software development, the percent of eAdministration software will certainly increase in the future due to the enhanced demand for information solution in this sector in respect of the EU accession. We will concentrate more and more on providing turnkey projects’”, declares Rodica Filimon, Public Administration Account Manager within SIVECO Romania.