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UE integration by quality and performance

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

16th of March 2004, Bucharest

A year of qualitative and quantitative leaps, 2003 was a decisive year for SIVECO's evolution.

According to the company's mission, that of becoming a leader of Romanian software houses by the quality of products and services it provides and by its clients satisfaction, SIVECO Romania closed the fiscal year 2003 with a record turnover of 16 million euros, way over the value estimated at the end of the previous year.

"The recently closed year's turnover is very equilibrated one. The solution proposed by SIVECO Romania is meant for private and public sector (half of the turnover is the result of the collaboration with private companies), also covering all industrial verticals. The fact that 34% of signed contracts in 2003 cover projects taking place in Romania and that 66% are international collaborations represent premises for international exposure and for gaining a good reputation on the West-European and American markets." declares Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

With an average productivity of 65.000euros/employee and a turnover of 16 million euros in 2003, SIVECO Romania becomes not only a specialist on IT Romanian market, but also one of the successful companies on European market.

Recording more than 50% annual growth rate, ever since its start in 1992, in 2003, the company fructified the intense efforts that were made for the projects started in 2000.

Projects of great importance for the success of computerization and developments initiatives on Romanian IT market - IT Based Educational System for undergraduate studies, computerization of health insurance system, computerization of economic organizations that are important for Romanian industry - have been carried out in partnerships with powerful local companies, with technical capabilities and significant financial power.

Today, SIVECO Romania collaborates with more than 39 local partners. Until now there have been signed distribution partnerships with 5 international companies, and the number of these are about to increase significantly in 2004.

"The active presence in professional organizations in Romania (ARIES, ANIS, ATIC, ANIAP) and abroad, traditional business partnerships with some of the greatest software houses (Microsoft, ORACLE) and hardware companies (IBM; HP; BULL) in the world, as well as the extended network of local and international distributors, recommends our company as a reliable partner in developing successful business both in Romania and abroad" says Irina Socol

The year 2003 brought to the company another 70 clients in Romania, the 60% growth of the clients' portfolio being a real market success.

Part of our success story, the constant care for our clients' satisfaction, has materialized in permanent concern for improving our products and services. Thus, new versions of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System, our flag product, have been released every year since 1994. According to the IDC study concerning the Romanian ERP market, during the last years SIVECO Applications has constantly increased its market share, reaching 10,8% in 2002, placing itself on the top of Romanian solutions for enterprise resource management.

The international version of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System, as part of the company's strategy of reaching EU market, was released, recently.

Among major successes obtained by SIVECO Romania in the previous year we can mention: the completion of AEL eLearning Platform implementation in 1220 high-schools of Romania as part of the second stage of the IT Based Educational System for undergraduate studies. Over 13.000 teachers and members of administrative personnel from 1220 high-schools were trained by AEL specialists from SIVECO Romania. The overall effort for training exceeds 30 years per person.

Among the highlights of 2003, that are important for SIVECO Romania we can mention the prestigious recognitions obtained by the company, some of them coming from the press:

  • Production Management Component within SIVECO Applications integrated package receives the Excellency Award as application software from IDG Romania at the ninth edition of "Romanian Computer Show (ROCS)"
  • SIVADOC, Workflow and Document Management System, receives "Best of CERF" at "Business Software" category at BINARY 2003, SIVECO Romania is considered by the Bucharest Business Week magazine readers "the most admired IT company", Irina SOCOL, General Manager for SIVECO Romania receives "Excellency Award for the entire career in the IT&C field" at the "Romanian IT&C Awards" for 2003
  • AEL eLearning platform receives one more time its international value confirmation at EDUCA (December 2003, Berlin) and at World Summit for International Society (December 2003, Geneva)

A constant preoccupation for SIVECO Romania is that of being a responsible participant in the community life, involving not only in the economic development, but also in the social and cultural one. Hence, the solidarity with the partners involved in developing fields of activity as important as the economy for the Romanian society: the educational system, cultural life, the health system. SIVECO Romania expresses its solidarity by sponsoring different manifestations:

  • Educational field (sponsorship for the Economical Information Faculty within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, sponsorship for the Balkan Information Contest 2003, ADLIC 2003 (the design, development, implementation and administration of the application for centralizing the data and distributing the candidates at the entrance examination in high-schools and vocational schools, as well as the coordination of all the activities related to data collection and candidates distribution). EvalMan - a system donated to MECT, so that it can assist the selection and auction activities of the alternative manuals, SEI educational portal - donated to MECT),
  • Cultural field (Flacara Awards 2003 - milestones of human and artistic value. SIVECO Romania grants Award for Popularity for two important Romanian artists: Carmen Stanescu and Damian Crasmaru. Sponsorship for ALIA 2004 Award),
  • Humanitarian field
    The company's support for educational field is reflected in its initiative of organizing together with the Ministry of Education and Research and Youth and PC Magazine, the first national educational software contest: SIVECO CUP. The competition, addresses the gifted pupils with skills and interest in implementing educational information applications, as well as teachers able to create innovative learning methods.