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Understanding European laws

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Understanding European laws

Within the European project ALIS, SIVECO Romania will integrate into a single information platform useful information for citizens.

Bucharest, 23rd April 2009 - The considerable increase in the number of laws and regulations makes it more difficult to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory framework.

European Automated Legal Intelligent System (ALIS), in which SIVECO Romania is partner, aims to reduce barriers between citizens and private companies on the one hand, and the laws and rules on the other hand, following the correct explanation of them.

ALIS checks if governmental actions and decisions are set in accordance with the legal and regulatory European notify the potential contradictions that may occur when several systems of laws and regulations need to be taken into account simultaneously.

The role of SIVECO Romania is to integrate into a single information platform for citizens, especially lawyers.

Involving SIVECO Romania in ALIS project in has been appreciated in the "International Conference eSociety 2008", held in the Algarve, Portugal. In this conference was presented the article "Regulatory Compliance and Alternative Dispute Resolution in eSocieties", written by specialists SIVECO Romania in collaboration with a group of researchers from Imperial College London.

Because the degree of innovation shown in the article, and good cooperation between a Romanian company and a research institute it was awarded with the distinction "Outstanding Paper".

ALIS Consortium gathers academics, lawyers, judges and private firms. SIVECO Romania partners in this project are ORT France (coordinator), Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna (Italy), Sineura (Italy) Exalead (France), landscape Dupichot Zirah et associés (France), Imperial College London (UK), ALMA Consulting Group (France), Atos Origin (Spain), Research Center for Economical and Legal Aspects of Electronic Communication (Poland), TU Darmstadt (Germany).

The contracting authority is the European Commission. The project is 4.6 million, and its duration is 42 months.

For more information please access the website www.alisproject.com