Unemployment reaches alarming quota among young Europeans, affecting over 15 million people under 30 years old | SIVECO Romania

Unemployment reaches alarming quota among young Europeans, affecting over 15 million people under 30 years old

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SIVECO is part of the consortium selected by the European Commission for implementing the pilot project ECOKT2015 meant to increase the chances of youth on the labor market, by increasing their digital, competence

Recently, the European Commission has selected the consortium to implement an ambitious pilot project, aiming at reducing the number of unemployed at European level, by increasing their level digital competences. The IT company, SIVECO Romania is partner in this consortium, along with Expertise France, which is the leader of the grant, Dara Creative from Ireland and company Lai-momo from Italy, both partners. 

The European Commission’s pilot project ECOKT2015, as part of Europe 2020 Program, aims at fighting against the economic crisis consequences which has determined an alarming growth of the number of young unemployed. According to EUROSTAT (source: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/documents/2995521/7121195/3-07012016-AP-EN.pdf/), 4.5 million aged 15 to 24 have no job, while over 7 million young people from the same age category neither work, nor are enrolled in an education of professional training  institution. Over 6 million young people aged 25 to 30 years old are in the same situation.

“There is a real need for increasing the digital competences, across all European countries. The business environment is advancing quickly towards digitization and the requirements shall be ever greater as regards the technology use by employees. Therefore, we are honored to be able to contribute to this great initiative of the European Commission, which will provide more chances to young people when finding a job. SIVECO Romania is an IT provider traditional for the European Union’s organizations, having contributed so far to over 20 projects funded by the European Commission”, declares Florin Ilia, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

ECOKT2015 aims at implementing an online training platform, by which young unemployed will have access free of charge to improvement courses in digital format. These are based on modern teaching techniques, like project-based learning, where the youngsters are involved throughout the courses’ period in practical activities, similar to the ones from a real job. This way, they will form solid knowledge, by actually working in projects. The training methodology encourages the learners to work in a team and to carry out common tasks, such as carrying out a presentation or delivering a product. This helps young people to accommodate with a realistic working environment, with observing specific objectives, procedures and deadlines, and will help them find a job much easier.

The youngsters will be able to access the online courses from anywhere, anytime and at their own pace, being able to repeat the information whenever they need in order to acquire it. Upon courses’ completion, all those promoted will receive certificates recognized at European level.

Starting with 2009, SIVECO Romania is running over 20 IT projects for the European Commission, with direct benefits to all the European Union’s citizens, being the only Romanian software company to provide IT-based services directly to the Commission’s bodies.

Among the reference European governmental customers of SIVECO are: DG Connect, DG Taxud, Publication Office of the European Union, DG Justice, DG Sanco, Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency - CHAFEA, Eurostat – Statistics Institute of the European Union, EuropeAid Cooperation Office. The services provided by SIVECO include development of financial systems, content and documents management, administrative applications, geographic information systems (GIS), web portals and eLearning systems.