By using informatics tools, the Romanian food industry can satisfy all the quality exigencies of the European consumers | SIVECO Romania

By using informatics tools, the Romanian food industry can satisfy all the quality exigencies of the European consumers

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bucharest, 13th of July 2007 – In the food production industry, the companies’ progress depends mainly on the efficiency with which the firms are using the human, technical and financial resources that they have. On this reason, the implementation of an ERP information system comes to satisfy this requirement, assuring the activities optimization and automation, refining the costs, “end to end process” vision, promptness and efficiency.

“Why we are talking about a necessity software solutions implementation in the Romanian production field? Because, at the end, the products that reach the shops and on the consumers’ table are “the visiting card” for the producers from the food industry. In order to fulfill all the necessary quality conditions, there must be a system that needs to supervise the entire production process, to control and improve it so that the result would materialize in the traceability and intelligent management of the production activity”, says Sorin Dimofte, Direct Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.

Therefore, in the last years, more and more representatives from the Romanian food production sector have shown receptivity to the new technologies, adapting their activities and working processes so that to be able to assure the compliance with both EU legal exigencies and reporting to tastes’ evolution and customers’ demands.

„An integrated software solution assures the necessary conditions for organizing the production activity, beginning with the raw and materials supplying activity, both internal and external level. We permanently try to communicate the utility that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution has for the assuring the products’ final quality which satisfies both EU standards and the end users’ demands - through performance and added-value”, says Sorin Dimofte, Direct Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania proposes an integrated information system for the business management and even more, a solution for the Production Management – that drives the entire gearing required by the dynamic of an organization, which has the food production as business profile.  Customized as to functionality, Production Management Component interacts with all the other components of SIVECO Applications integrated information system, via the unitary development concept, shared database, graphic interface and permanent exchange of information useful to the production flows.

SIVECO Romania has already important references in the food production, a success case study being the implementation of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System for DOBROGEA BISCUIT, the company that has the most modern biscuit line production from Romania. The core of DOBROGEA BISCUIT entire activity is the production, therefore the necessity for assuring a highly efficient administration for each of production phases. The Production Management Component has fulfilled this requirement by assuring the administration of the entire preparation flux, scheduling, launching, follow-up and control of the production processes.

DOBROGEA BISCUIT wanted a solution to blend the latest specific technology developments with those in the IT sector, a complex and complete solution, adapted to European and international standards as well.

„We have chosen the company SIVECO Romania SA, as we believe it to be the best provider of IT solutions and a leader on the Romanian market. From the beginning, we asked employees of DOBROGEA BISCUIT to align with the standard proposed by the implementation of the SIVECO Romania solution and we did not fail. The results confirm our approach”, says Mrs. Fotini Teodorescu, President within DOBROGEA GROUP.

The application begun with the implementation of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications and continued with the management information system SIVECO BUSINESS ANALYZER (a tool for Business Intelligence).

The main advantage of this approach is the close integration between the management systems for operations management with the strategic management. Another major advantage was that SIVECO Romania SA, as a solution developer, has done all the necessary customizations of the business flows into the information system.

The experience of previous implementations and the fact that they have been successfully completed had a positive influence on the development of this project.

The project beneficiary has gain, on one hand, an increase of performance, by reducing costs and losses, as well as by increase of the labor productivity, the information system allowing the real time tracking of costs and obtained results and assuring a high data visibility at all decision levels.

 In the same time, the company has increased its flexibility and its quick response to changes on the market - this thing is made possible by making material and human resources „virtually available”, by sharing them both on organizational units and on projects (contracts or orders) and, generally, through the infrastructure provided by the information system, closely integrated with the business system.

„The project run with DOBROGEA BISCUIT has proved one more time the utility of the informatics tools in the current activities in the food production. We have already an expertise in the field and our customers can benefit of transparent production flux, easily to coordinate and follow, both from allocation and usage of the resources point of view, and the quality of the finite product. We assure the management decision factors the access to all information and tools necessary in order to ground an efficient and well organized production policy”, Sorin Dimofte, Direct Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.