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Utility suppliers that use IT tools provide better service to citizens

Monday, April 21, 2008

Currently, the profitability of the companies operating in the service field is closely related to the adoption of information systems enabling companies to accelerate innovation, to increase the speed of reaction to customers’ requests, and to gain superior control over the suppliers’ internal processes.

Given the current development stage of the Romanian utility sector, as well as the large coverage area of this type of services, SIVECO Romania has created a software suite, which automates and standardizes the main processes encountered in organizing this sector. The main advantage provided by SIVECO Romania’s offer is materialized into a specific component, which plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of the utility providers: the Utility Billing Management solution.

"We are committed to bolstering the informatization of such utilities as water drainage, gas, heat, electricity etc., because, in our opinion, this preoccupation represents a major imperative as far as the current economic context is concerned. The utility services destined for the use of the large population and the legal entities experienced an unprecedented development, the investments in this area being consistent with the European trends and requirements. These providers currently use modern exploitation technologies, and this is why the automation of specific operations became an essential requisite. In this context, the solution that can meet the specific efficiency requirements of the utility sector is the Utility Billing Management, successfully implemented within many important companies in the utility sector", says Sorin Dimofte, Head of Unit Domestic & Partners Accounts at SIVECO Romania.

The central objective of the Billing Management Component consists in the automation of billing and cashing records for beneficiary networks often expanding to cover the entire country. Covering the main features required by the current activity of utility providers, this component contributes to the standardization of working procedures, to strengthening data structures, leading to an increased confidence of individual consumers in utility providers.

Other basic components of the SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System are added to the Utility Billing Management solution, as highly important for streamlining processes in such sectors as: Financial Accounting Management, Transaction Accounting Management, Human Resources Management, Payroll Management, Fixed Assets and Inventory Item Management, Inventory and Procurement Management, Maintenance Management, Contract Management, as well as SIVECO’s own Business Intelligence solution - SIVECO Business Analyzer.

By collaborating with SIVECO Romania, suppliers of such public utilities as gas, drinking water, hot water, heat, electricity or sanitation services can benefit from flexible information tools that can be configured according to the particular requirements of each category of beneficiaries.

"SIVECO Romania applications have been designed observing both the distinctive features of each particular user and the steps they take in their own activities. A sector with a high absorption potential for information products, the utility sector is one of the business directions in which SIVECO already has consistent references, such as CET Braşov, Termoficare 2000 SA Piteşti, URBAN SA, CONGAZ SA, Colterm SA Timişoara, ENET Focşani, TERMOSERV Mureş SA, HIDROSERV Haţeg. Our interest is presently focused on developing new features for the already configured solutions, and, last but not least, on expanding collaborations and on initiating new partnerships with representative companies in the utility area", Sorin Dimofte added.