The "Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania" initiative outlines at local level | SIVECO Romania

The "Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania" initiative outlines at local level

Friday, October 8, 2004

           Bucharest, October 8th 2004 – The enthusiasm triggered by the Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania brings encouraging effects at local level: several teachers from Dâmboviţa county.

            The young teachers Marian Marinescu, Radu and Angelica Tăbârcă and Maria Teodora Stănculete, supported by the informatics inspector Nicolae Istrate reveal the most talented pupils in their schools in developing educational. They are always on the look up for the most appropriate ways of encouraging their pupils in creating „computer based lessons”. Aware of the talent, ideas and creativity of the young programmers they are guiding, the teachers organized on a festive day, „International Educators’ Day” a workshop on their favorite subject – educational software development..

            At the event, generically called "Infobyte" representatives of SIVECO Romania who are involved in the "Virtual Center for Excellency" took part as guests, but also moderators.

           "It is worthy of praise what is happening here in Dambovita in the educational software area. We saw extraordinary things at Infobyte Dambovita 2004, electronic lessons made with passion, although neither the pupils nor the teachers are specialists or do have expertise in the field. They simply saw electronic lessons in AEL and started to develop similar educational content they are now using in classroom", says Radu JUGUREANU, eContent Responsible within SIVECO Romania.

            As it was International Educators’ Day, pupils wanted to send a their best whishes to those who gave them some of their personality, with patience, love and gift, and presented them a lesson about..heart. From the bottom of their hearts.

            The author of this lesson, Cristian Trocan, does not study biology in class, but wanted to help his colleagues understand the circulatory system.

             "I am convinced that many of the 50 pupils participating in Infobyte will be among SIVECO CUP 2005 finalists. Their enthusiasm, the support of their wonderful teachers and of the SIVECO CUP organizers can help them turn their county in a powerful center for educational software development”, added Mr. Jugureanu.