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The Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania - The pshycopedagogical dimension of the computer aided education

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bucharest, 25 August 2004 - Today, computers are playing an ever increasing role in our lives, warnings against the harms of computer addiction on children, especially on their health.

 Fortunately, there is one exception to the rule: psychologists assure tutors that using the computers for educational purposes, with dedicated software, verified and approved by teachers and specialists in pedagogy-pedagogy has no risks at all. This comforting statement comes as a conclusion of the seminar "The psycho pedagogic dimension of the educational content", coordinated by Prof. Eugen Noveanu, Researcher -in-Chief at the National Education Science Institute.

This scientific debate took place in the teachers' training session for the educational software development teams - SIVECO Summer School- organized between 14-20 August at Drobeta Turnu Severin.

"Involving children and teachers altogether in the educational software development process is one of the most effective pedagogical lessons ever taught in the Romanian school", says Olimpius Istrate, Associated Researcher at the National Education Science Institute.

The activities took place under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Research and the Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania, an unique initiative in Romania, which in less than 2 years from its start grew into a real community of the educational content developers and users - high school teachers and pupils.

Their shared passions for computers and the desire to learn "differently", which means with interactive educational content, effective and easy to remember, which narrowed significantly the traditional distance between the pupils' and the teacher's desk.

 "Each action organized within the Virtual Center for Excellency gives us satisfactions and ideas for future projects. The children's enthusiasm and the extraordinary things they do by "exploiting" in the positive sense of the word the computers delivered to schools within the SEI program are solid reasons for us to make us strongly believe in the bright future of the computer assisted education", says Prof. Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager at  SIVECO Romania.

Pupils and teachers from all over the country work together to develop educational software, and the resulted content compete every year at the "SIVECO NATIONAL SOFTWARE CUP" (an educational software developers incubator) for a place in the AEL eLearning Platform, meaning in the virtual library of every high-school in Romania.

2004 has already brought the young and hearted community three reunions within the "Virtual Center for Excellency" ".Champion" - the camp of the champions who train themselves on the Internet for International Informatics Olympics, "SIVECO CUP 2004" and "SIVECO Summer School".