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Vocational training in CompEtent project

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Vaslui, January 22nd 2015

Vocational training in CompEtent project

Vaslui County Agency for Employment, beneficiary of the non-refundable financing from European Social Fund through POSDRU 2007-2013, priority axis 4 “Modernization of the Public Employment Service”, major area of intervention 4.2 “SPO’s own personnel training” according to the contract POSDRU/124/4.2/S/130703, project “CompEtent – SPO staff skills development to increase the quality and efficiency of services provided”, continues in January 2015 training programs for the SPO’s own personnel.

Starting mid-January, in Sinaia were held the following courses: “Project Manager” between 12-17 January 2015, followed by “Common competencies of different occupations – Communication in English” between 19-24 January 2015. January will end with a second session of the course “Safety and Health Inspector” between 26-31. Graduates will receive, after an exam, CNFPA authorized certificates accompanied by descriptive supplement that will confirm the skills acquired.

The thirty participants of the courses organized in January have represented the partner county agencies of occupancy from Arges, Bacau, Botosani, Buzau, Tulcea, Timis and Vaslui counties.

The thematic area of the eight professional training programs implemented on the implementation period, answers the necessities and requests of the SPO personnel, as a result of the study Identification study of training needs applied among employees of partner public institutions. To obtain feedback, will be conducted a study , that will analyze the degree of satisfaction of the target group after the participation in the professional training programs.

The project will generate long-term positive effects due to improved quality of services of SPO personnel addressed to beneficiaries; the program that they have finished is in perfect harmony with the request of professional training. The project will also grow the motivation for professional development, improving the interconnection between the county agencies’ personnel, leading to the growth of quality, efficiency and transparency in SPO.

Through specific objectives of the project and through the reporting to the four regions, it will improve the labor market analysis, counseling and mediation tools inside the occupancy agencies.

Students, as well as all interested persons can register on the projects’ site www.projectcompetent.ro, to be informed about courses and about project’s activities.

Vasiliu Genoveva – Project Communication and Promotion Expert
Community Association of Unity and Mediation of Vaslui
email: asociatie.vaslui@gmail.com; www.proiectcompetent.ro

Project Manager “CompEtent”
Gabriel LAZAR