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Vth Sector City Hall provides the citizens a quick and modern tool for electronically paying local taxes and customs

Friday, January 24, 2003

Bucharest, 24th January 2003 - Citizens? easy and efficient information, as well as their access, by electronic means, to documents, services and information, represents a priority for the Romanian Government.  

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has inaugurated, at the beginning of 2002, a project related to the possibility to cash, by electronic means, local taxes and customs (e-tax), adopted by the Government by 24th Regulation on 30th January.

Bucharest Vth Sector City Hall took the first step by inaugurating in April 2002, an Infokiosk solution. The system was developed by consortium coordinated by the National Institute for Research Development in Informatics and made up of SIVECO Romania, Ericsson Romania and Intrarom. Infokiosk public terminals were located at Bucharest Vth Sector City Hall, as well as in other public places.

"By infokiosks and city hall web sites, Vth sector citizens had access, in 2002, to a wide range of practical, legislative information related to Vth sector school units, health system or the owed taxes and customs. The citizens also had the chance to fill-in and send different forms and to introduce suggestions and complaints", declares Reli ARMEANCA, Local Taxes and Customs Administration Manager within Vth Sector City Hall.

"The new system brings a wide range of facilities, both for public administration and citizens", believes Daniel Marian Vanghelie, Vth Sector City Hall Mayor. "Besides the information role in terms of local taxes and customs, of social, economic and cultural life, the solution brings facilities such as: it eliminates bureaucracy, reduces the time the citizen spends with local authorities.  By infokiosks the citizens also have the opportunity to find out about hospitalizations, can reach hotel receptions, can make reservations or find out useful information about fairs, exhibitions and so on."

Viewing and paying local taxes and customs can take place:

  • Directly by infokiosk system, for the persons having cards accepted by online payment systems, 
  • By payment card, for the persons who have such cards, either credit or debit cards;  
  • by Internet, for the citizens who have accounts at the banks providing transactions systems by Internet banking.

"I think this is an extremely civilized payment method - you don?t have to wait for hours, you don?t get nervous and you don?t have to wake up early in the morning to pay your taxes. You just pay anywhere and anytime you want, the information is confidential and the interaction with public operators is optional. I believe it is a decisive stage in eliminating corruption and bureaucracy in Public Administration", declares Ludovic Albu, Bucharest Vth Sector inhabitant.

"Creating this computerized interface system between City Hall and Vth Sector City Hall in areas of social, cultural and economic interest essentially contributes to making citizens familiar with electronic means and creating the mentality that informatics can be available for anyone", Vanghelie believes. "The access to information, to correct, consistent and coherent data, constantly updated, leads to citizens? conscious involvement in community life. Reducing the work volume for public operators, the time spent for problem solving, reducing the costs in administration by the fact that public operators spend less time for working directly with the citizens, will certainly lead to an operative interaction between citizens and administration."