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Introducing™ - An Intuitive New Content Creation Platform That Enables Teachers to Create Better Lessons Faster

Thursday, December 8, 2016

SIVECO Belgium Sprl, the local branch of SIVECO Romania S.A. in Brussels, announces the launching of™, a web based content creation platform that enables teachers to develop interactive lessons in minutes.™ promise is to provide teachers, through an intuitive and accessible platform, full support for developing a quality interactive educational content in a simple easy way.

Sign Up For Free

Starting with 5th of December 2016, teachers will be able to sign up for a free Wand Create account and will have immediate access to 512 Mb Storage, 15+ Templates, Student Groups, Multimedia Library, Lesson Repository and Student Analytics Reports.

Also, if signing up for the Wand Inspire account, they will be able to easily build, share and make use of more interactive lessons, manage their personal workplace, access advanced analytics, and benefit of technical support being provided by the helpdesk.

We’re living exciting times both for teachers and the students. eLearning has promised for years to actively change the face of school education but we believe it is just beginning to deliver on the promise.™ enables a 360º approach to education in schools, putting together all key actors: teachers, students, parents and decision makers, into a continuum learning process without physical borders. It allows for real-time, deep evaluation and monitoring of the whole process. Teachers are empowered to bring to classrooms pedagogical methods long promised, but never before practical in many schools worldwide.”, says Florin ILIA, a senior consultant for™

Better lessons faster

With™ teachers can create dynamic presentations using pre-built templates such as galleries, mindmaps, flashcards, labels and many more.

One key feature of™ is the possibility to import existing slides into the application. As most teachers already have lessons in the form of PowerPoint™ presentations, they are now able to import them into the lesson editor effortlessly.

At™ we know that time is teachers’ most valuable asset when it comes to lesson preparation. This is why we have developed the technology to make content creation quicker than ever before.”, says Marius PRODANA, Product Manager.

Teachers are not mere consumers of digital resources, they are co-authors and they want to create their own digital lessons, tailored to their students’ needs. With™ we believe that we have developed a platform that will enable teachers to create meaningful and authentic learning experiences in a matter of minutes”, adds Marius.

According to several studies, over 95% of teachers are creating their own digital lessons. Teachers need full flexibility when it comes to digital lessons, tailoring learning content for their students’ needs, constantly improving learning activities and catering for different student abilities. By consulting with innovative and successful teachers, administrators, education trainers, and technology officers,™ was designed to simplify delivery of educational content.

I was impressed by the range of tools on offer and the ease with which I could work out how to use them intuitively.”, says Dan BUCKLEY, Deputy Head-Teacher in Community School, UK.

As finding the right resources with the appropriate educational quality can sometimes be difficult for teachers, the lesson editor in™ includes an extensive library of illustrations, animations, videos, audios, photos and 3D objects.

In addition,™ allows teachers to track students’ progress through smart aggregated reports, while providing them with actionable data. Basically, for each lesson delivered to the students, the teachers are receiving either snapshots, or aggregated views to better identify progress trends. The application also supports educators to develop formative assessments activities, correcting misconceptions and reinforcing key knowledge.

As a result, teachers not only can improve their instruction, but help their students how to learn more effectively. Students are encouraged to explore through interactive presentations, games and assessments, while teachers add the creative spark that inspires their curious minds.

The initial release of™ will be offered in Romanian and English, with additional locations and languages planned throughout 2017.

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About™™ is a content creation platform that enables teachers to create better lessons faster. By using™, teachers can create not only interactive and appealing presentations including galleries, labels, mind-maps, hot-spots, crosswords or flashcards, but also Assessments and Learning Games.

More than 15 ready-made templates are already available in™, all designed for a clean and easy learning experience. An ever growing multimedia library with illustrations, videos, audios and 3D objects is also ready for use.

Teachers can deliver assignments to their students with a click of a button and monitor students’ progress using smart reports that provide them with actionable data. is a web-based application compatible with any device or platform, and the school’s existing infrastructure. All the lessons are in one place, accessible anytime, anywhere.

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