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Wand.education: The revolution created by SIVECO in the field of interactive lessons

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

When access to information is mediated by technology at early ages, the education system can but be in tune with innovation

Passionate about technology and innovation, the SIVECO specialists have developed an online educational software, Wand.education, accessible at https://wand.education, providing teacher the full support necessary for creating a quality interactive educational content, in a simple and fast manner. Wand.education replaces the classical lessons, which do not take into account of each pupil’s competencies in part, with help of interactive teaching methods, captivating lessons and tools allowing the ongoing and efficient monitoring of the progress registered (for details and examples, please a access: https://wand.education/romania/

Launched in 2016, Wand.education is a product already confirmed at international level, being a finalist at GESS Dubai- a top educational fair ranked in international education. Accessible in Romania, the platform is at the same time available on all European markets adopting an English curriculum, including the Middle East. Wand.education platform is provided in Romania, English and Arabic language, while new linguistic adjustments are set for the following years.

With Wand.education the teachers have access to the predefined learning activities available in the application, such as images galleries, hot spot, cross words, diagrams and many other.  Also, the teachers have the possibility to deliver content created on fixed devices (PCs), or mobile devices (tablets) and to evaluate the pupils’ performance.

Moreover, Wand.education allows teachers to monitor the progress registered by students through intelligent, detailed reports. In short, for each lesson delivered to pupils, the teachers receive aggregate or individual information helping them in clearer understanding of the pupils’ progress. The application is supporting teachers in developing the formative evaluation activities, in correcting the misconceptions, as well as in strengthening the basic knowledge.

Wand.education provides more instruments to simplify the entire educational process from lessons’ creation to their presentation and results’ monitoring.

There is a page dedicated to lessons, including key information (title, topic, year, size etc.) and where this can be edited, previewed, duplicated or distributed. With help of the editor, new lessons can be created or the existing ones can be edited. The multimedia library integrates over 1,000 photos, illustrations, audio and video, and 3D files, animation and forms. Over 150,000 photos and video files will be added soon.

As regards the home works dedicated to students, they are accompanied by information referring to their date of start, as well as the deadline until when they can be performed. The pupils’ progress can be carefully monitored also in this case.

Another element provided by Wand.education includes the groups: one group can be formed of all the pupils in a class, but these can be divided also depending on their abilities and can receive, in this case, different materials.

Last but not least, the platform contains also a collection of lessons created by other teachers, which can be searched for by key words, previewed, added to each teacher’s already existing list. All lessons can be adjusted depending on the students’ competences or on the feedback received from them.

The educational content can be distributed on any platform, on desktop or mobile: iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Chromebook.