What advantages have companies that choose an IT-based system for waste management? | SIVECO Romania

What advantages have companies that choose an IT-based system for waste management?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The accuracy and easiness in operating the system’s database are well appreciated by beneficiaries

Do you have a waste processing company? Then, you surely need an IT-based system ensuring you a strict record of its management.

The Waste Management Component is an application with a complex, but easy to use interface, designed to support the waste management activity, starting with waste production and storage and finishing with its transport and disposal.

The Waste Management Component is part of the information package SIVECO Applications 2020 and provides several advantages: it generates the full history referring to waste production and identifies the procedures for waste disposal through filter-searches. The main search-filters are: activity date, waste involved, activity responsible, single code. Moreover, the application monitors waste stored in various locations on different levels of detail and reaching full compliance within the standard reports included in the module. The application is easy to use, providing a user "friendly" graphic environment. Specialized reports are generated automatically and the same goes for the documents necessary for waste storage, transport or disposal. This way, management errors are reduced, while returning waste and associated costs are avoided.

”Companies can find out anytime the quantity of waste existing in stock as well as the right time for its disposal and they can monitor all the waste transporting activities, including storage in different locations. The system we make available to managers can automatically generate specialized reports, as well as documents necessary for waste storage, transport or disposal. All these advantages bring time savings as a result of accuracy and easiness in system’s database operation, reduce management errors and, last but not least, increase the efficiency of waste management according to the norms in force”, stated Mihaela Baciu, Product Manager within SIVECO Romania.

This component works with three types of main entities: objects (containers, services or disposal centers), activities (waste movement/ transport, procedures for waste disposal or invoices) and documents (reports, text or graphic documents).

There are three major steps in the process of waste management: waste production/collection; waste storage and movement to specific locations; waste transport and disposal through internal or external disposal centers.

These are the main activities the application was designed for. Every time waste is produced by a particular service of the beneficiary, relevant data can be recorded in the database (who produced the waste, date, quantity, cost, location where it was stored). All this information is recorded in the database and can be further used as basic data for generating historical reports on the waste production.