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Simulating special situations, on the researchers’ focus

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The research project N-WatchDog aims at creating a system for monitoring the nuclear objectives’ vulnerabilities and early warning

A system for early warning and computer assisted decisions, based on anticipating the vulnerability of nuclear objectives - this is in short the objective of N-Watchdog, the research & development project.

The project’s coordinator is the National Research & Development Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering “Horia Hulubei”, and the partners are SIVECO Romania and the Polytechnic University Bucharest.

The project aims at developing an experimental model for software predicting presumptive situations and decisions dedicated to intervention operators in case of nuclear emergencies (prefectures, city halls, inspectorates for emergency situations, education units, institutions specialized in environment protection and safety.)

Thus, a multi-disciplinary complex of practical solutions will be carried out, solutions targeting the needs of users monitoring the vulnerabilities determined by nuclear objectives over the environment, having a highly preventive feature. In principle, the system will forecast non-stop, or with an adjustable frequency, per anticipated time intervals of 8 or more hours, the exposure, potential radiological impact and possible reaction measures necessary in the area close to the objective/target (cca. 25 km), as well as in the area far away (tens or hundreds of kilometers), and the system will aggregate the indicators resulted into degrees of exposure, impact and vulnerability for the users and will provide synthesis reports to the interested parties.

Through its simulation and viewing capacity, the system can contribute also to increasing the level of informing, encouraging a more balanced vision on the merits and risks of Nuclear Energy, in the post Fukushima 2011 world.

”This new approach/ solution will complement the current capacities of the national institutions responsible in the field of preparing for emergency situations and the manner of response to crises. Last but not least, we want to improve our expertise in delivering services to organizations in the nuclear field”, said Gabriel Lospa, project responsible on behalf of SIVECO Romania.

The N-Watch Dog project will be completed in December 2016.