As a well-deserved acknowledgement of the role that the education press plays in educating the young generation SIVECO Romania and Romanian National Commission for UNESCO give the Education Press Awards | SIVECO Romania

As a well-deserved acknowledgement of the role that the education press plays in educating the young generation SIVECO Romania and Romanian National Commission for UNESCO give the Education Press Awards

Friday, June 11, 2004

11th of June 2004, Bucharest - At the headquarters of the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO, within an event where there were present officiates, cultural celebrities, journalists, school's friends, there had been given Education Press Awards, competition that took place in partnership with the Foundation for Stimulating Technical and Scientific Creations and SIVECO Romania.

The competiton's jury, chaired by professor Nicolae Manolescu (Manager of Romania Libera) include: Professor Alexandru Mironov (General Secretary of the Romanian Commission for UNESCO), Professor Mihai Miron (Executive President Professional Journalists Union), Melania Mandras Vergu (Manager of Youth-Education Department within Adevarul), Andrei Banc(President of Scientific Journalists Association) and Serban Ursu (Expert within the Romanian Commission for UNESCO)

1. Television
The winners of 2004 competition are:
1st prize went to Melania Coman - SRTV,
2nd prize went to Diana Deleanu - TV Etalon Ramnicu Valcea - for the feature repot "Sad story of a successs"

2. Radio
The prize went to the editorial team from SRR - Doina Gadei, Corina Negrea, Mihaela Ghita, Dan Stoica, Claudia Laslo, Daniela Visan, Dan Manolache, Constantin Aslam - for the series of educative broadcasts "Planet Radio"

3. Written Press:
1st prize went to Florin Antonescu - for the articles published in "Curierul National"
2nd prize went to Eugen Chelemen for the articles published in "Adevarul"
3rd prize went to EX EQUO:
- Gheorge Ciobanu - for the series of articles published in the local press: "Ziarul de Roman", "Pagini Medicale Barladene" , "Asachi", "Opinia Falticeana"
- Popescu Adrian Nicolae - for the articles published in "Universul Scolii"

4. Books, Graphics, Movie
1st prize went to Alexandru Gaspar - Dacia Film - for the movie "From the beginning of faith to Jesus Christ"
2nd prize went to Otilia Bors - for graphics in children's books (Abecedar, monthly magazine, educational games)

5. Excellency Diploma given to the magazine: "Luceafarul Copiilor" by the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO for the entire activity

For every section, SIVECO Romania gave prizes of 1000 euro.

The prize award festivity became a real discussion forum about Romanian training reform, about the role of education press and its chances to distinguish itself within market economy.

The winners and guests expressed their faith and hope in the future of cultural press, in the importance of qualitative journalistic creation.

Together with celebrities such as Octavian Stireanu, Presidential Counsellor, Alexandru Atanasiu, Minister of the Ministry of Education and Research and the President of Romanian Radio Broadcasting, Mr. Dragos Seuleanu school-inspectors from all over the contry also expressed their opinion (Liviu Stoica - Glodeni, Oana Panagoret - Teleorman, Elena Calina, Sergiu Marinescu - ISJ Tulcea, Costica Horhocica - Bisoca, Petrin Trandafir-Visina, Elena Stoica-Albesti, famous journalists (Andrei Banc - Radio, Vlad Popa - Univers Enciclopedic, S. Crupenschi - Univers, Mihai Miron - UZP)

"We are extremely happy to present ourselves as a software solution provider, actively involved in the economical development but also as a participant aware of its responsibilities in supporting social and cultural areas of the community that we belong to" declares at the end of her speech Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

There is no doubt that it is a bound between the well being of economy on the whole and the training of qualified resources, the education of the future generations and last but not least the support given to those less favoured. These aspects within society condition and complete one another. The result is a climate in which every citizen can feel safe, socially integrated and willing to contribute to the well being of the community that he belongs to. The expertise and enthusiasm that SIVECO Romania' specialists showed when dealing with eLearning projects made possible real pioneer's work.

The AEL eLearning platform, chosen by the Ministry of Education and Research as backbone of the software applications developed within the information program of the Romanian school, ensures at the moment the access of all high school pupils from all over the country to the 21st century technological achievements.

The future European Union adhesion implies the alignment of the eLearning system to the European standards, as concerning the content of school programs but also as concerning the involvement of the teaching/learning process.

Because education is more than sharing information, it also means modeling behavior and character, besides initiating the implementation activity of computerized laboratories, SIVECO Romania initiated the already known initiative Virtual Center of Excellency. Within this initiative takes place a series of activities with educational impact, trying to stimulate the interest and creative participation of all those involved in the training educational process.

We can say that the main contribution of AEL platform is the democratization of the learning system. Not only that the pupils create lessons (of course approved by MedC commissions), turning from passive listeners in active pupils involved in the modern training process, but by having free access to the same IT instruments, there is a guarantee of a real equality of chances for all pupils, and for all schools. No matter where they are, city or village, in rich or poor areas, the children of AEL laboratory have the same rights regarding the access to lessons and experiments.

"Our activity wouldn't have been possible without the valuable help of a much too discrete part of the press, the education press", appreciates Irina Socol. "With their constructive, critic spirit, they have often guided us with the eLearning projects that we initiated. We thank them for their reliable observations which have helped us constantly take into account the main motivation of the transformation which takes place in Romanian learning system. Changing mentalities, adopting an interactive and modern learning system, that can prepare our children to manage the requirements that they have to face once we enter in European market. As a well deserved acknoledgement of the fundamental role played by the education press in educating young generation, we launched together with Romanian National Commission for UNESCO Education Press Awards competition, competition that we wish to become an important event in Romanian cultural scenery."