What are the advantages automotive services get when choosing to introduce IT into their activity? | SIVECO Romania

What are the advantages automotive services get when choosing to introduce IT into their activity?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Automotive Service Module within the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011 ensures increasing sales and an increase in the quality of services for the respective companies

Bucharest, 11th of March 2011 - SIVECO Romania announces the launch of a new It module dedicated to companies providing maintenance and car repair activities: The Automotive Service Module.

According to statistics of the Romanian Automobile Register, throughout the country there are over 5,500 authorized automotive service units operating. The need to attract as many customers as possible and the competition on the market impose increasing the efficiency of these companies' activities, to ensure fulfillment of customers' requirements.

"The Automotive Service Module from SIVECO Romania helps companies wishing to increase sales and provide customers with fast and quality services in a civilized work environment", has stated Mihaela Baciu, Product Manager SIVECO Romania.

The application ensures defining, detailing and planning of operations that can be performed in a automotive service, ramps management, work schedule management, editing the car sheet containing all the spare parts fixed on the respective motor vehicle and all the manual labor operations, the person /team which has performed the work, resources management (raw material, materials, consumptions, transfers, imports, stocks, prices, etc), carrying out a bill of quantities based on the necessary operations and spares, management of the warranties provided for the spare parts, as well as for the cars, synchronized and coherent processing of information.

The Automotive Service Module is part of integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2011, the reference ERP solution of SIVECO Romania, currently found in operation at hundreds of customers in Romania.

The application can be integrated with other components of the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2011: Sales Management, Contracts Management, Procurement Management, Financial-Accounting Management, Human Resources and Payroll Management, Budgets Management.

The application ensures data consistency at the level of the entire documents management system regarding the products, reference prices, producers, agreed suppliers, stocks, sales, and granted discounts. Also, data management is ensured in a centralized database, as well as data integration with the aim of reporting and analysis.