What changes does the New Year have for the retail market? | SIVECO Romania

What changes does the New Year have for the retail market?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The IT solutions used by companies sustains the adjustment of management programs to legislative changes

At the beginning of this year retailers have to change in their information management systems the standard VAT rate from 24% down to 20%. There are also cases when several VAT rates apply for similar products. Thus, the management of fiscal aspects over the distribution chain has become a much more complex activity, requiring more and more performing working tools, as retail is one of the most dynamic markets in the current economy.

A company’s capacity to react to change and to adjust itself to the new conditions of activity, depends to a large extent on the IT solutions used. 

2016 has brought many changes in the retailers’ activity. Among the most significant are the change in VAT rate and the new obligations regarding financial reporting. When we have developed our ERP solution, SIVECO Applications 2020, this is exactly the type of changes that retailers are subject to that we have considered. We wish to support the merchants’ activity by means of this information system allowing a high degree of customization and being easy to integrate to the organization’s size. And here we think equally to large companies, belonging to important distribution chains, but also to small, independent companies” , says Stefanita Ghita, development Manager of SIVECO Applications department.

SIVECO Romania meets the requirements of the retail market with a package of IT-based solutions covering the following activities: sales, cashier register, warehouses management, stocks, procurement, fixed assets, financial-accounting, contracts and transports.

The solutions for retail are part of the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2020, a system adjusted to current requirements of the Romanian market, the most known and largely used Romanian ERP.

The package of IT solutions for retailers of SIVECO Romania includes a full set of components, out of which some are extremely specialized:

  1. The Sales Management component ensures monitoring all the operations performed on the products acquired, management of the sales agents’ activities, the management of the calculus formula for the delivery price and provides the commercial and financial analysis of the customers.
  2. The component for the Warehouses Management ensures optimization of stocks and flows in a warehouse.
  3. The Cashier register Component ensures the control of stocks in every shop, automatic inventory taking and quick changing of the VAT rate and real time transactions’ processing.
  4. Fixed Assets Management ensures the fixed assets management for the entire period of use, from their acquiring and registration until these are taken out of operation, as well as automatic registration in the financial- accounting department of the depreciation expenses.
  5. Transport Management creates an archive regarding the transportation means’ documents, manages the travel log and defines the specific quotients.