Where do Romanians from Brussels believe will Romania be in ten years? | SIVECO Romania

Where do Romanians from Brussels believe will Romania be in ten years?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The "Romania-UE" Club debated on the importance of increasing the presence of Romanian companies within the European environment

Bucharest, 15th of September 2010 - "Romania 2020 and Europe 2020" was the discussion topic taking place at the Romania's Representative in Brussels.

The members of the Romania-UE Club have met with University professor, Ph.D., Vasile Puşca and Mihai Adamescu, responsible for the Europe 2020 Strategy within the Romania's Permanent Representative to EU, representatives of the business environment and experts in European affairs. The meeting was chaired by Anca Toma, Vice-president of the Romania-EU Club.

The key words for Europe 2020 are knowledge and development, the transition from a competitive to a sustainable economy, ensuring the long term fiscal and financial stability, strengthening the importance of social aspects (employment of the labor force, social inclusion, reducing poverty, reducing the glasshouse effect). For Romania 2020, the key words are defining the competitive fields, increasing the degree of European funds' absorption, increasing the presence of Romanian companies in the European area.

SIVECO Romania is member of Romania - UE Club and has compelled recognition as one of the most active Romanian IT companies as regards accessing European projects, while successfully facing a fierce competition, of a very high level. Since 2009, SIVECO Romania is the main provider of IT services for the European Union Publication Office - the European Portal CORDIS, this being the most important IT services project developed by a Romanian company for the European Commission. Since 2009 too, SIVECO Romania is providing IT services for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the key EU institution responsible for the aviation safety.

"For our company, sustainable development means investments in research and development of new products and services, of new technologies and efficient, environment safe solutions, according to customers' requirements. SIVECO Romania is an active player on the European Union market, in both member or candidate states, as well as a partner of the European Commission in a series of numerous projects", said Ştefan Morcov, Deputy Vice-president SIVECO Romania.

The Romania - UE Club was founded in 2002, as a "communication bridge" between "institutional Romania" and the Romanians living in European Brussels.