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Who is the best trainer for teaching interactive lessons?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SIVECO Romania launches a new initiative that aims at motivating the most active trainers for teaching multimedia interactive lessons. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the school year 2008-2009, within the fifth edition of the SIVECO Summer School. The event will be organized in August 2009 and will have as main focus the importance of teachers’ trainings for the Romanian educational system. 

Training for using the AeL platform and the creation of educational materials is a first step for teachers interested in acquiring new skills. The training programs for teachers aim at encouraging the integration of technology in the educational process, in order to improve the efficiency of learning.
"I think it is an important opportunity for teachers to discuss with experienced trainers. All those invited are genuine professionals in the field of education and the debate will certainly bring an intense exchange of information and best practices that aim at increasing the effectiveness of training courses addressed to teachers "said Dana Vladoiu, Project Manager within SIVECO Romania.

As the educational system in Romania is in line with the requirements imposed by the European Union, teachers have to face some major changes regarding the way in which traditional teaching methods are replaced by new methodologies. Teachers’ training programs seek to promote specific 21st century skills, the development of cooperation between teachers for achieving significant results and increasing the efficiency of the process of teaching.

The AeL eLearning solution is not focused only on IT, but on the teaching process as a whole. The teachers of various disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, English, Physics, French, Geography, Science, History, Mathematics, Religion, Literature) who have been trained so far within the SEI Program (The IT-based Educational System in Romania) are a consistent confirmation of this strategy.

SIVECO Romania participates actively in large-scale educational projects, both as a developer of eLearning solutions and as promoter of numerous CSR initiatives that support education in general and in particular the IT domain, through the SIVECO Virtual Center of Excellence. The company aims to promote consistent performance in education and supports the National Olympiads, the national educational software contest SIVECO Cup and the .campion competition. This is a training program for performance in computer science, supported by well-known teachers and students, former winners of the International Olympiad in Informatics (which is conducted online on the website: http://campion.edu.ro/).
"Based on the experience acquired during the implementation of major projects in education, our company is trying to identify the most effective ways by which the use of modern technologies support the teaching/learning process" says Dana Vladoiu.