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Why are companies choosing SIVECO Applications 2011?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The correct price-performance ratio is the main criterion for which the solution SIVECO Applications 2011 was preferred to other ERP solutions on the market in 2010

Bucharest, 1st of February 2011 - Even if in 2010 the market of business management solutions evolved relatively slowly, SIVECO Romania has succeeded to maintain its market share on the ERP market, gaining new customers from the private sector, for the area of implementation services, integration and training.

"The correct price - performance ratio, but also the flexibility and capacity to successfully complete the projects of introducing IT are the main criteria for which the solution SIVECO Applications 2011, developed by SIVECO Romania, was preferred to other ERP solutions on the market", has stated Lacramioara Barseti, Line of Business Director SIVECO Applications, within SIVECO Romania.

The bulk of the new customers of the company have invested in 2010 in solutions for company resources' planning - Enterprise Resource Planning - in order to make available to the departments of production, inventory, procurement, fixed assets, sales, financial - accounting, payroll and human resources the instruments for increasing the activities' efficiency.

"Especially in periods difficult from the economic point of view, companies need ERP systems to get a clear image of the departments bringing profitability and of those where loss elimination is necessary. Staff reduction or employees' turnover cannot be balanced but with help of IT performing solutions through which large volumes of activities can be managed", added Lacramioara Barseti.

Through the facilities it provides, SIVECO Applications 2011 - the ERP solution developed by SIVECO Romania - integrates all the management functions of a company from resources planning, securing the stock of raw materials and materials, defining technologies, coordination of production processes, up to carrying out the financial-accounting management, of the human resources, of sales of finite products, maintaining and developing customer and partner relations etc.

SIVECO Romania has launched in 2010 the component of Project's Financial Management (based on the components of SIVECO Applications 2011) for the organizations running projects funded from European funds, and the component of Waste Management, to support the waste generating organizations.