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The winners of CUPA SIVECO 2004 go to EDUCA Berlin

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

9rd of June 2004, Bucharest - CUPA SIVECO nominated its winners at Poiana Pinului camp, event organized by SIVECO Romania in partnership with Ministry of Education and Research and PC Magazine.

The winners are the team of National College of Informatics "Tudor Vianu" from Bucharest.

19th finalist teams presented their applications in front of a jury chaired by Professor Stelian Niculescu and formed of professors, educational software specialists and the finalists of 2003 edition. The high quality and similar standards of the works presented put the jury into difficulty, the discussion for the nomination of the winners went long into the night

"The contest was more powerful than the last year contest, and the decision hard to make: in fact they are all winners, because they reached this point and did extraordinary interesting, useful and beautiful things. Not only the quality of the technical part and the content of the applications have impressed us but also the way they were presented: with professionalism and self-assurance " declares professor Niculescu.

The application that won was a physics application - "The light diffraction" - and its authors are the representatives of National College of Informatics Tudor Vianu - Robert Guduvan (XII grade pupil) and Corina Dobrescu (physics professor).

"I was nervous even if I was sure that my application is a valuable one. I was impressed with other physics applications that got in the final, but I also liked the application of the VII grade juniors from School number seven from Timisoara. Last year I was a finalist too, I obtained the forth place. I worked well together with professor Corina Dobrescu, whom I thank you" says young Guduvan, who in a couple of days will have his Baccalaureate.

The winners of the first prize, together with the one on the second place (the team within Informatics High School "Grigore Moisil" from Iasi formed of Bianca Madalina Milatinovici-pupil, Razvan Sergiu Gradinaru-pupil, professor Emanuela Cerchez and professor Marinel Serban) they will all participate at the end of the year at "ONLINE EDUCA Berlin 2004" where they will present their works within the most important international event of the year on e-learning.

The participation of the two teams at "ONLINE EDUCA Berlin 2004" will be sponsored entirely by SIVECO Romania.

The jury awarded the team from School number seven from Timisoara with an excellency mention.

All finalists received diplomas, toffees and presents from SIVECO and subscriptions to PC Magazine.