Within the “Să învăţăm să învăţăm” Project, SIVECO Romania and World Vision Romania Ensure Nondiscriminatory Access to Information Technology | SIVECO Romania

Within the “Să învăţăm să învăţăm” Project, SIVECO Romania and World Vision Romania Ensure Nondiscriminatory Access to Information Technology

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Bucharest, 6th of June, 2006 - The project "Să învăţăm să învăţăm", initiated by SIVECO Romania in partnership with World Vision Romania, offered teachers, pupils, and local community representatives of Breasta, Dolj County, the opportunity to get initiated in IT and in AeL. Also they were able to have their IT knowledge evaluated by participating in an experience exchange with a high school from Craiova, Dolj County.

The community development project developed in partnership with the Breasta community promotes local initiatives and aims to increase the local capacity to answer to the educational, medical, spiritual, and economics needs of their citizens.

The first stage intends to initiate the teachers from Breasta in the use of computers: AeL eContent and the AeL platform, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and the Internet.

Cursul s-a desfăşurat pe o perioadă de 89 de ore, constând în activităţi practice şi ore de evaluare, astfel: modulul Iniţiere IT (46 de ore) şi modulul Utilizare AeL (43 de ore).

The training course contained 89 hours of practice and evaluation, i.e. the IT-initiation module (46 hours) and the AeL Utilisation module (43 hours). The 19 teachers from Breasta, who took the class, can now claim that they are able to recognize hardware components and to use software programs.

“I’m glad that this project generated the estimated impact. Teachers, students and city council clerks showed their interest for the IT courses, managing to promote the training program. Children learned about PC hardware configuration and were trained in using Windows OS and the Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Paint and Excel – for editing documents. Teachers became more confident of their own capacities to use the computer in the teaching process”, declared Viorel Popescu, the project coordinator.

The two trainers that were involved in the training the teachers, highly appreciated the teachers effort, considering the Breasta representatives "one of the most enthusiastic group of trainees" they had ever taught.

“The main objective of the project, i.e. ensuring access to technology for all community members, was attained by initiating the representatives of the three target groups (teachers group, students group and public clerks group) in IT. The training of each group was made while taking into consideration their specific needs, the result being the accommodation with the IT-based teaching methods.
The participants were earnest, got involved along the entire training process, and proved willing to learn new and useful things. In particular, the teachers and the director from the Breasta School, who permanently, demonstrated a constant interest and determination in the classes. All these premises conducted to a 100% graduation quota for every training group"
, mentioned Mihaela Cioata, one of the instructors from the “Ştefan Odobleja” Computer Science High School, Craiova.

The AeL-trained teachers from Breasta were eager to test the students' reaction and held a Mathematics class. With the help of an AeL lesson from the SEI (IT-based Educational System) laboratory. The students that participated in the AeL lesson showed great interest in the new way of teaching "intelli-gently".

"By using the AeL lessons in the teaching process, we appreciated that the pupils that had not been paying attention in class, now showed great interest in what was being taught. Related to Mathematics, which is my field, I can say that the geometry lessons helped the pupils solve problems more easily", stated Marin Nemţeanu, the Breasta School Principal.

The teachers and public clerks took an evaluation exam asserting the knowledge obtained in the IT courses, their performance being recognized with diplomas.

An information and documentation center has been instituted within the "Să învăţăm să învăţăm" project in order to allow the trainees to apply the newly acquired knowledge to the best interest of the local community.