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Successful businesses, with female management

Friday, October 25, 2013
In Romania, 35% of SMEs have women in their board of directors, while 11% of them are exclusively owned by women

Doina Binig, Vice-president for Strategy and Chief Operating Officer within SIVECO, was among the speakers in the first international conference "Women in business" recently held in the Capital city, bringing together entrepreneurs from the country and abroad. The meeting’s topic was highlighting the more and more important role that women play in business.

Representatives of the Romanian business environment, as well as foreign guests discussed on the businesses’ global expansion, on personal branding and the most efficient ways of approaching potential investors.

Doina Binig, Vice-president for Strategy and Chief Operating Officer of SIVECO, spoke on the manner in which a national business can extend internationally and on the three (R) points: Benchmarks, Risks and Success!

Although in case of an IT and software company the rationale can be extremely favorable to international success, as specialized manpower is well-known abroad, the road from success at national level to global recognition is not at all easy. "SIVECO Romania does not export specialists, but turn-key, national scale projects. We provide value added products and services with very high degree of innovation, which guarantee our customers’ satisfaction – be they corporations or governmental institutions", said Doina Binig.

As far as the risks are concerned, the scale remains in equilibrium, through a strategy which does not lack good market knowledge, global and local partnerships with other companies sharing the same ethic and sustainable development values, as well as careful, ongoing projects’ management.

The international success, in terms of SIVECO, can be measured in figures, as the company has succeeded, during 21 years, to extend its business to 27 countries and to conclude contracts with 1,500 clients worldwide.

Another measure of its success are the awards received: the most recent trophies received, at International Project Management Awards and World Summit Award, respectively, have advanced the Romanian company on the seventh place in the world ranking for IT excellence.

In order to achieve these outstanding results, efforts would not have been fruitful unless the needs of the communities that SIVECO Romania is working for would have come first: 30,000 schools throughout the world, 16 million beneficiaries (pupils, teaching staff, parents, administrative staff), but also physicians, farmers, employees in the customs system, banking system and managers from the most various industries. „By definition, Information Technology brings progress through medium and long term positive change. We serve nations, this is the company motto”, has declared Doina Binig.

SIVECO Romania company, an example of success in the business environment, is lead by Irina Socol, successful female entrepreneur, who believes that "success is not based on luck, but on the very chances each of us has, and that each of us should be given".

About the "Women in Business" organization

Founded in 2009 by Alice Botnarenco, as a discussion forum on Linkedin, the organization Women in Business develops projects addressed to female entrepreneurs and women working in corporations. In 2012, it created the first online business platform dedicated to women in Romania,, positioned as a portal with information from the Romanian, as well as international female business environment.

The organization has built a community and became mature, thus launching the first conference, attended by business women from Romania and other countries (Spain, Republic of Moldova, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia), women who have succeeded in innovating, having an interesting career path, have launched high performing businesses and have drafted strategies for multinationals.