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You buy an electronic ticket and travel more comfortably

Friday, March 31, 2017

ETS project proposes a solution to travel easier using the public transport wherever you are in Europe

Information technology is transforming our lives and influences our manner of travel and searching for information. The market of electronic ticketing systems is witnessing a real effervescence and provides numerous opportunities: mobile applications for smart-phones, customized advertising and loyalty programmes. Introducing an electronic ticketing system represents a major trend for a wide range of business types in the fields of transportation, tourism, culture and others.

The ETS Project - „Electronic Ticketing System” is a European project aiming at developing a platform to provide the possibility for buying directly from your mobile tickets from any transport operator, preserving the ticket in the mobile phone, its automatic validation and providing travel information and info about the touristic attractions nearby.

Currently, the devices for access’ control, such as barriers, gates and turnstiles limit streamlining the passengers’ flow. Their reduction, and ideally, their elimination will lead to increasing the comfort in use, to reduction in operating costs, and, very important, to getting valuable information that can be used for improving services for passengers. The system will have functionalities for detecting the electronic ticket and passengers’ counting, which allows not only increasing the quality of automatic taxes’ collection, but also detecting fraud attempts.

The successful introduction of the ETS solution into every day life is facilitated by the existence on the market of an impressive variety of equipments and applications using mobility, such as: mobile phones, tablets, gadgets endowed with communication possibilities (GPS, Bluetooth, NFC). In other words, a large number of the ETS system’s potential users are already familiarized with these devices and there are promising conditions regarding acceptance of an ETS system, allowing not just the journey, but also benefitting the services regarding tourism, culture, other fields implying the necessity of existing a common manner of procuring access means, their validation, and payment means for the services they are benefitting from.

The ETS project is funded through the European programme ITEA 3 and it is implemented by 8 partners in 5 countries: SIVECO (Romania), CONVEX NETWORK (Romania), ELEKTRONET (Turkey), TMOB (Turkey), DTS (South Korea), IDI EIKON (Spain), NTB (Spain) and ISEP_GECAD (Portugal).

In the period of 29-31 March, the Consortium members met in Bucharest for the first project meeting, where they discussed about the users’ actual needs, the stakeholders’ involvement (transport operators, telephone companies, tourism operators, government and public authorities), as well as about the ETS system’s architecture.

ETS will have two pilot implementations in Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara) and one in Portugal (Coimbra), which will be carried out by the end of the project, in December 2018.