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Young people learn about democracy

Friday, December 19, 2008

The „Sf.Sava” National College from Bucharest hosted the launch of the 3rd edition of the Civic Conferences “About the good use of democracy”. ARDOR (the Romanian Association for Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric) and its partners organize these events. 

The series of conferences offers young people the possibility to exchange ideas with important leaders from the civil society, the academic world as well as philosophers, journalists, historians, etc. SIVECO Romania, official partner in this project, supports the genuine democratic principles and encourages young people to promote these values. 

The theme of this first conference was: “Should democracy advertise more?”. Daniel Barbu –professor at the Political Science University and Cristi Rogozanu –a Cotidianul journalist, together with pupils and teachers, took part in a lively debate. The conference’s main theme generated some animated debates that were followed by discussions on various aspects of the relationship between the citizen and the democratic state with genuine examples from the Romanian society. 

The speeches will be available on the website:

I am glad to notice that young people are interested in debating. The ARDOR’s initiative represents an excellent example on how an educational project should be carried out. The organizers’ professional approach and the guests’ quality are the main elements for the success of this project”, declared Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing Manager within SIVECO Romania. 

Knowledge is an important element in our modern society, and with the help of the civic conferences, pupils have the possibility to get actively involved in the education process. They have the chance to practice the art of dialogue and test their democratic spirit.