"Cloud has fundamentally changed the business model" | SIVECO Romania

"Cloud has fundamentally changed the business model"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How big companies perceive cloud's challenge in Romania and how much is protected a company’s data when migrating it to cloud? Marcel Călinoaia, Information Security Manager and Solution Architect at SIVECO Romania, answered these questions (and others too).

What are the challenges of cloud solutions in Romania?

Cloud solutions have brought a significant number of challenges in IT, relating both to the objective realities of cloud implementation as well as to the perception of some decision makers.

From the reality point of view, I would mention the lack of legal regulations, which leads to major difficulties in the implementation of cloud solutions (public cloud) in public institutions.

In case of cloud solutions implementation, corporate data is kept in services provider’s infrastructure and there is a perception that this method is less secure, because the data could be accessed in an unauthorized manner.

I believe that cloud solutions are not promoted and in particular are not properly understood - and this is not beneficial to their development in Romania. 

How the transition to cloud does affect software companies?

Cloud has fundamentally changed the business model and software solution providers must adapt to this new model. This involves attracting a larger number of clients (which are generally small and medium enterprises) as well as the investment and expenditure planning according to model revenues obtained from cloud services sales (which requires an extended period of time to obtain similar income compared to the sale of classical solutions, on-premises). This transition is absolutely necessary because, for customers, cloud solutions offer many advantages and it is obvious that more companies will choose in the future the cloud solutions. 

What cloud solutions offers SIVECO?

Out of cloud technology based developed solutions by SIVECO I would mention:

  • AeL Project: Cloud environment completes SIVECO eLearning offer with an integrated software solution dedicated to training, management and  development of a company’s staff that supports the learning process and accommodates the  internal catalog of courses.
  • SIVADOC Project: Cloud is the document management solution in cloud version that allows users to get access to documents in a secure way, from anywhere and from any device (notebook, PC, tablets, smart phones, etc..).
  • SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud: Cloud is a solution that provides performance of any economic activity. It has a scalable, multi-level architecture and contains a variety of components: financial accounting, procurement, contracts, production, inventory, sales, projects, waste management etc.
  • In addition to these products, available to all clients, I would like to mention the solution for displaying the results from ADLIC component (national computerized system used nationwide by the Ministry of Education for candidates’ computerized distribution in high schools and vocational schools, developed in 2001). Starting with 2011, in order to increase capacity and availability, ADLIC is running on Windows Azure cloud computing platform. For its performance, ADLIC received the title of national winner in the first national edition of the EuroCloud competition at "Best Project for the public cloud" category.

From the perspective of an Information Security Manager, where do you consider data of a company’s data is more protected- in a classic IT system or a cloud based one?

Data protection as part of the information security is a process. As any process it should be evaluated and continuously improved and this requires a constant effort. Companies that offer public cloud solutions have specialists dedicated to providing information security, which is not always true for companies that manage traditional IT systems.

In many companies, information security is the responsibility of the IT department, which has the  main mission of ensuring the operation of the IT systems.

As one of the challenges of information security is to determine the optimal balance between operability and security of the IT systems, a potential conflict might appear if the same person provides both functioning and the security of the system.