Have you ever asked yourself how your business can be affected by the lack of technology? | SIVECO Romania

Have you ever asked yourself how your business can be affected by the lack of technology?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Does equipment repairing and maintenance require you a significant amount of resources and money?

If so, SIVECO Romania suggests the integrated IT system for Maintenance Management, a solution confirmed by the market for its performances.

The system provides support to maintenance specialists to optimize activity planning, optimizing consumption, reducing the number and severity of accidental down-time and cost reduction. The system ensures the optimal conditions for the availability of equipment for production/services, compliance with standards, prescriptions, technical instructions and complying with the safety, security, personnel protection and the environment rules. This can’t be done, many will say and this is true without a performing IT tool, but is possible with this tool, we belive. 

Sorin Dimofte, Sales & IT Consultancy Director within SIVECO Romania is showing us why we should switch to information systems when it cames to maintenance management. 

Which are the companies that need a Maintenance Management IT system?

Sometimes the best answers are questions, so…

  • You still haven’t decided if maintenance helps you or it just spends your money?
  • If maintenance doesn’t always have the necessary budget to fulfill its mission, it’s time for you to think about implementing IT systems?
  • Technology costs, doesn’t it? Have you ever asked yourself how much does the lack of it costs?

Whether we like it, or not, maintenance needs as much as the other areas of the company, computers and high end integrated software. From the numerous reasons I shall mention just two:

  • Large volume of specific data: technical and functional characteristics, drawings, specifications, working history, defect history, and most of the time they are scattered in the company and hard to find at the right time and with reasonable efforts.
  • Urgent need for analysis of the events concerning the functioning or non-functioning of the equipment and analysis inability because of lack of structured and quality data.

Therefore, if you want, with the same amount of money, to do more maintenance than you do right now or to do the same amount of maintenance with less money, if you’re tired of systematic causes, if accidental repairs exceed in number and value the other works, if using of resources doesn’t pleases you, then you have in front of you the answer to your question: YES, indeed the company needs integrated IT systems of maintenance.

What vital information should a company’s management know before implementing a Maintenance Management system?

They must believe in the project, to support it, to be ready to accept the mandatory changes that IT systems will bring about. To be confident that the path is worth crossing, no matter how hard it will be. That using IT systems doesn’t mean more work (“there are many data that must be brought into the system and we simply don’t have the time!”), but effectiveness and efficiency. To demand not only the end users to input data into the system, but also all the heads of departments to use them, as an essential condition for IT system success.

What are the features of the Maintenance Management solution developed by SIVECO?

There are many and it will take me the whole magazine to present them. That’s why I point out only what I think is more important: our system is directed not only on costs, but also on the technical side of maintenance and towards its artisans. If the technical part works well, the costs and results will be exactly as we want them to be. That’s why we developed the system as a high end tool fit for maintenance specialists.

What actual benefits does using of this kind of system bring?

Building conditions for the maintenance to become a support process essential for carrying out the company’s products and services and reaching the best relations with their clients.

How does the system you developed resolve the companies’ requirement to have integrated IT solutions?

Maintenance Management is a component of Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2020 and it integrates natively with all the other components. It can function also outside this system, either as stand alone, or being integrated in any other IT solution.