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She chose her future in 24 hours and eventually became a leader in one of the best Romanian companies

Friday, February 7, 2014

She chose her future in 24 hours and eventually became a leader in one of the best Romanian companies

How are you getting hired at a local company competing against giants like Oracle and SAP.

Doina Binig joined SIVECO Romania team in 2007, where she currently coordinates the development and optimization activities of the company strategy, supervises the strategy implementation and the business lines activities while leading projects for optimizing the company business processes.

She graduated from the Faculty of Power Engineering as it was a family tradition but she chose her career in only 24 Hours. She opted for the IT industry and, at present, she coordinates the strategy development and optimization process at a Romanian company with over 1.000 employees. She says that the right attitude and spontaneity had a major contribution to the development of her career adding that the main quality needed for being a winner is the working power.

However, the faculty which she had chosen was not supposed to drive her career to the IT industry. She had chosen the Faculty of Power Engineering in order to follow the example of her parents and other people close to the family. After college, she opted for continuing her studies in France where she received an offer to work in a French computing company which was to open an office in Romania.

"As part of science and computers circle in college, I was registered in their database and, when they opened the office, they called me for an interview and I finally was among the first six employees from Romania. I decided within 24 hours whether to follow this path or to continue on the tradition. I was not afraid of challenges, I considered it an opportunity - at that time there were very few foreign investments in Romania, very few contacts in Europe. It was a career opportunity and I chose to take the chance", states Doina Binig in an interview for

Although in 1993 she chose the IT industry, this did not prevent her from continuing in the energy field. At French Bull company she held, until 2002, the position of chief financial officer for Romania, Bulgaria and Moldavia. After this period she returned to the old passion, continuing as CFO at a gas company and later as manager of Business Services Division at EY Romania, where she supervised clients such as Petrom, Electrica, CEZ , Enel and OMV.

During that period she had the opportunity to also work with SIVECO, a hundred percent Romanian company, which she saw growing and becoming better and better over the years.

"I knew them, we had been working together and I was enthusiastic about their professionalism, ambition, ability to work and significant effort they were very willing to make to meet their goals. The proposal to work with SIVECO again, this time as Strategy Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, came as recognition of my career”, says Doina Binig.

Although Doina Binig became part of the team in 2007, SIVECO Romania was active in Romania since 1992, when the company started with a turnover of 2,000-3,000 USD and shortly became the most important Romanian software company and more, it managed to stay in top 3, together with industry giants from abroad, Oracle and SAP.

"The nights lost in Romania and nerves stretched to the maximum make us internationally competitive in this race against time."

"Our direct competitors are also our partners, so we like to say ‘coopetition’, instead of 'competition'. We started in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) area, we developed key software, and we have many areas where we are leaders, such as eLearning, health insurance or agriculture. Studies reveal that,, in recent years, we held on the on ERP market one of the top three positions alongside SAP and Oracle. Now we ranked second place after SAP and before Oracle, given that these two companies are global leaders", says the representative of SIVECO.

Romanian company versus international giants

According to Doina Binig, there are differences between working in a Romanian company and working in a multinational company, but these differences contributed to SIVECO performance.

"Here everything is more personal, more targeted on entrepreneurship. SIVECO is a company greater than all the multinational companies’ subsidiaries where I had worked, but this type of entrepreneurship from the beginning never left the company. And this is good because it helps you to overcome difficulties, to make that extra mile effort. It helps you to not make distinctions between things that are done during the day or between departments. The teams are well welded in terms of procedures and well organized, but this entrepreneurship spirit is additionally helping to break barriers", says Doina Binig.

Is it possible for a Romanian company to fight with multinationals from abroad? "It is possible, the only secret I know is work. It is similar to sport performance, one day you get lucky, one day you can have an inspiring moment, but all these are not endless. Only endowed with determination, willpower, ambition and a strong character given by experience, you can get a long-term performance", explains the businesswoman.

"If you do something with passion and pleasure you do not pay attention at time and you feel satisfied when you draw the line."

And employees are the most important pawns to make things work, said the SIVECO representative, adding that, currently, the company has around 1,000 permanent employees, a number that can reach up to 1,300 people, depending on the tasks and projects that are to be implemented.

"There is a very good school in Romania regarding the software industry. There is an extraordinary interest in this area and a lot of talent well exploited at present. The new generation is very passionate and enjoys our support which helps it go further and contributes to a significant part of their success. Another part of their success originates from the Romanian software companies where young people start their career."

For example, SIVECO has a program aimed at recruiting students in the last years of study, who benefits from training courses, complementary to college curricula, and are given the chance to effectively work in the company. So, after graduation, young people have more knowledge and experience which is very helpful for the company."We can count on them afterwards. They are very talented. Romania is a breeding ground for talents in the IT industry."

Depending on the available positions the company, even though SIVECO resorts to recruitment agencies and job sites, there are still many volunteers’ requests for hiring.

What are required skills to get a job at SIVECO

"I think that, beyond the acquired degrees and competences, attitude matters the most and this is seen during an exchange of ideas. A right attitude guarantees a correct positioning within the company, in relation to the team, which leads to results. We place high value on training young people, we have a training program so that each employee be able to put ideas into practice. We target some multiple skills, but the attitude towards the company, the project and the team is very important for getting results", says Doina Binig.

After being a local pioneer for years, the Romanian company managed to develop software solutions in 27 countries on four continents.

"In Romania, we are proud to be the initiators of the first scoring application for the Credit Bureau, the first eLearning platform for the pre-university education, the first key IT system for Constanta Ports Administration. We are pioneers also at international level. Romania is an EU country, where we have implemented many key systems which transposed European legislation in agriculture, for example. At present, we help countries that are trying to enter the EU or countries from Central Africa and Asia which want to improve their control of public spending. And we have the satisfaction of being an example for those countries", says Doina Binig.

In Romania, SIVECO developed most IT-based projects in areas such as education, agriculture, health, European funds. “In 2013 we completed many projects funded by POSDRU, where, together with the beneficiaries - from NGOs to universities – we created portals and educational content for disadvantaged target groups. Giving a chance to people without a job in rural areas to develop themselves and seeing the results of your efforts represents a great satisfaction. In the field of agriculture, we continue the implementation of APIA integrated systems, which represented a 'must' for the accreditation of the agency at Brussels, for it makes possible to control the money for subsidies in agriculture."

Government has many roles, but not everything should be left on the shoulders of an institution


Although it is not part of her future plans, Doina Binig says that, if one day she becomes a member of the Romania Government, she would like to be Prime Minister, for she thinks about herself as being capable of wide responsibilities. She also adds that the Government is not the only responsible of the work and all citizens should contribute to the development of the country.

"We can help our country by the decisions with social impact we make every day. We realize that our projects represent a chance for disadvantaged groups, for children from rural environment, for the unemployed giving them the chance on labor market or for the farmers. They have a major positive impact on society and contribute more than a statement. I think the Government has many roles, but not everything should be left on its shoulders. I believe that each of us can bring a contribution. Each of us, at our job, should think about the future, about what we leave behind and the consequences of our actions", states Doina Binig.