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Introducing enabling teachers to create better lessons faster

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 is a content creation platform that enables teachers to make interactive lessons in minutes. Our easy to use technology provides teachers with all the resources they need to engage students and spark their curiosity.

Using, teachers can create:

  • Presentations: Aggregate information and present it in a more structured and appealing way, using galleries, labels, mind maps and flashcards. 
  • Assessments: Correct misconceptions, reinforce key knowledge, measure progress and drive continuous learning using image matching, ranking, hotspots, sentence sequencing or fill-in. 
  • Learning Games: Make learning more fun and maintain students’ attention using jigsaw puzzles, trivia, classification factory or crosswords.

Create engaging lesson content easier than ever before

At, we know that time is teachers' most valuable asset when it comes to lesson preparation. Our platform is built around teachers' needs, whether they already have learning materials created, or just want to build more engaging resources, can help to improve learning content.

Teachers can import any existing slides in seconds, before using these to develop interactive activities within the platform. The platform has a range of ready-made learning templates, where learning content can be quickly and easily filled in. Our ever rowing media library of illustrations, videos and audio means learning activities can be created in just a couple of steps.












  • Step One: Images can be added with a click of a button
  • Step Two: Add hotspots with simple mouse clicks.

The lessons created can be easily delivered to students across any device or platform. We have a growing lessons repository, meaning teachers can utilise lessons created by others for free too. To make it even easier, all lessons can be exported as SCORM packages too, allowing for easy integration with Learning Management Systems.

Once a lesson is underway and activities have been set, our technology enables teachers to track student progress. The platform provides teachers with actionable data through a range of aggregated reports on student progress and results.

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