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We have specialized in difficult projects with millions of beneficiaries

Monday, November 25, 2013
Romanians are respected and appreciated for know-how, professionalism, creativity and performances, say the Brussels officials. Such a person is our fellow countryman Ștefan Morcov, responsible for developing SIVECO projects for the European Commission, in Brussels and Luxemburg, where projects worth millions of Euros are trusted to the expertise of Romanian IT specialists.

What IT projects are you currently developing for European Commission’s institutions?

We have recently signed a framework agreement for "Increasing the capacity of consumers organizations", for the Executive Health and Consumers Agency of European Commission and the General Directorate Sanco. It is a training program, including eLearning methods, which will support the consumers’ organizations from all UE Member States in promoting the rights of European citizens. The project implies carrying out multimedia educational content, remote training programs and interactive communication instruments, complementary to the traditional training programs. We aim at building a collaborative training environment, based on continuous exchange of good practices and innovative solutions, meant to develop a sustainable online community in this field.

We have already contracts with the Publications Office of the European Union, General Health & Consumers Directorate and the Executive Health & Consumers Agency, European Aviation Safety Agency, Eurostat and EuropeAid. We are running over 20 projects for the European Commission, to which we add the contracts for providing software development and maintenance services for 7 EU institutions, mainly in Luxemburg and Brussels. The contracts’ total value is in excess of 15 million Euros.

Why do you pursuit such a strategy?

It is true we are a European country, we have equal rights as the other EU states, but this means that other EU states have also the right to compete with us here. We are facing two overlapped globalization phenomena – our presence in EU and globalization. The Romanian market is not sufficient for sustained growth; we aim a strategy for diversifying the products, services, but also the markets in which we are present.

For these very reasons, competition is extremely tough.

How are partners selected for the projects developed by the European Commission’s institutions?

You need a solid expertise, which gives you the force and authority to work together with the greatest players on the IT market. We count on experience accumulated over the 20 years of activity in complex projects, implemented at national and international level, projects of eGovernment, eBusiness, education, health and customs, for public or private organizations in 27 countries, over 4 continents.

The bids won the for European Commission have included, among the references, major national projects, developed for Romanian public institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information Society, Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection, and Elderly, Ministry of Finances. We have specialized in difficult projects, with millions of beneficiaries and having an outstanding impact.

You represent in Brussels a major Romanian company. How do you feel the responsibility of such a position?

I have already learnt to work in an international environment and in remote manner, it requires some effort. But I do not feel tremendous pressure. We have partners from all European countries, and Brussels and the EU institutions are intrinsic very cosmopolitan. We have a strong team, Romanian IT is respected in terms of professionalism and involvement, we succeed in satisfying our customers at the highest level with the services provide.

Business card

Ştefan Morcov works for SIVECO Romania since 2000, and is being considered one on the team’s „veterans”. He has coordinated major projects, such as the eLearning AeL platform, ADLIC – system for pupils’ admission and distribution in high schools at national level, the educational portal http://portal.edu.ro, major projects for introducing IT into education in Romania, Cyprus, Republic of Moldova, Lebanon, Morocco, and others. He is vice-president SIVECO Romania, responsible for projects for the European Commission.

Ştefan has graduated the Faculty of Control Engineering and Computers, within the Polytechnic University Bucharest, in 2000, and in 2007 he completed the MBA courses of Tiffin University, Ohio.