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How good are the employees that you have?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fast and efficiently. This is the way to manage employees’ competencies and their needs for training.

The people in human resources departments know how hard it is to understand at what level of training the employees are and to figure out the manner in which one’s competences matches his/her job description. But now they have two IT applications they can rely on: Employees Performance Management and Online access to employees’ information.

Stefanita Ghita, development manager SIVECO Applications 2020 at SIVECO Romania, explains how managers can create a high performing work framework with help of IT- based components dedicated to human capital.

How do we recognize and use employee competencies by means of an application?

Ștefăniță Ghiță: Performance management shows us there is a difference between hard work and yielding results. Despite the laid-down efforts and dedication, the outcomes can be behind schedule and that is why performance management insists on results, redirecting the focus from the business to efficiency. It is a successful entrepreneurship’s component hard to manage on paper, that is why we developed the “Employee Performance Management” information system (EPM), a component of a complex system, SIVECO Applications 202 Project:Cloud. It applies to managers from any company, personnel from the Human Resources department, as well as to employees within the organization.

Why in the cloud?

Ștefăniță Ghiță: Because it represents the present. Using EPM in the cloud platform, data concerning the company’s personnel is being managed centrally, thus being possible to be accessed by all authorized users through a web browser. Imagine the latitude this solution brings us! We can see from wherever we are or from any device the comparative or statistical analysis, including the information history.

Actually, how does the solution work?

Ștefăniță Ghiță: The application provides a clear picture of the employee’s level of training and the way in which their competencies match the job description. The system returns objective information regarding the employees’ level of involvement, the way in which they solve their work assignments and to what extent do they meet the tasks’ deadlines. Even more, it ensures preserving the whole information history online, making it available to all authorized users.

Practically, the system covers all aspects of employee performance management.

At the beginning of our discussion you said there is also an IT solution addressed to each individual employee of the organization.

Ștefăniță Ghiță: Yes, the “Employee Self Service” module or “Online access to employees’ information” represents a new component of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud.

The ESS module obeys a strict security policy.

The components of the SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud solution are integrated and can collaborate with other applications already existing in the current work space, to shorten the time for bureaucracy and decision making. Working procedures are considerably simplified. We hope that all the beneficiaries of these two new applications shall benefit from all the advantages we thought of providing them with.