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How can be reduced the time for documents approval from weeks to a few hours

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SIVADOC solution for document management is a useful tool for the management of current or archived documents.

In the daily activities of the companies, more complex and more complicated, it is required a system to ensure rigorous organization and quick access to documents, regardless of their nature. The main benefits of using such a system are the exponential increase of employees’ efficiency and the time reducing of documents approval process from weeks to hours. For companies with multiple subsidiaries, the operational costs and time document approval are significantly diminished given that it is no longer necessary to send documents by postage from one subsidiary to another or to the company headquarter.

SIVADOC IT solution provides a common platform that provides monitoring, security, transmission and storage of all documents related to the current activities of the companies. Ionut Arsene, SIVADOC Product Manager within SIVECO Customized Application Development Department, answered the questions about the benefits and risks of implementing a document management IT system.

What are the risks and the advantages of introducing a document management IT system in a company?

SIVADOC system for document management and workflows brings numerous advantages to a company compared to the traditional way of organizing and archiving documents. By adopting this solution, a company will substantially reduce the storage space of the document, thus preventing the loss of data in case of disasters or i computer failure. In case of electronic documents, the system can provide safety backup copies to be placed  in different locations minimizing the risk of losing the archive and enabling the data recovery.

Documents from the system can be quickly retrieved by simple search menu or by advanced search using keywords, attributes, and author names. Also, the user can save search templates for a later use.

How many companies have adopted this solution?

We have many customers from different industries, both public and private sector. Our solution can be adapted to all companies that manage daily paperwork. We are very proud that the beneficiaries of the solution are satisfied with the product, especially due to strict control of documents and quick access to data. For SIVADOC we have received international recognitions, the latest nominee being this year at the European IT Excellence Awards, where it was finalist at Information & Document Management category for the solution implemented at the National Employment Agency - GREEN project.

SIVADOC solution can be integrated with the applications used in the current work environment?

Yes, the ease of use and integration with most commonly used applications by employees of a company (Office suite, Outlook / Lotus Notes email, Windows, any Internet browser) are the premises based on which the product runs on current customers. Moreover, the SIVADOC solution is designed to retrieve data from electronic messaging systems and also for working with documents on mobile platforms/ tablets (visualization, annotation, sending, etc). Paper-based data are extracted, after scanning, through the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) mechanism. The integration, on WebDAV based standard, with Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office applications allows user to create and edit documents right from the current Office working environment, without the need for a transition period to the new IT system.

How is ensured the data access security?

Over the 11 years since SIVADOC product was launched, great efforts have been made to create a complete, robust and, above all, secure system. Users have controlled access to documents based on access rights and their role within the organization and can operate only on those documents which are necessary for their daily activities. Employees who travel a lot also have access to all documents in a secure manner, outside the office, including also from mobile devices or tablets.

The system offers high flexibility and quick access to documents for all users, essential to be competitive in the current economic context.

SIVADOC benefits

  • Practical
  • Standardized
  • Secure
  • Synchronized
  • Reduced costs

Did you know that...

  • 80% of employees consume on average 30 minutes a day searching for information
  • 60% spend an hour or more recreating documents that already exist
  • By using a document management IT solution, the degree of daily activity improvement increases by 50% at least
  • Documents pending approval is reduced from weeks to hours.