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Small investments + quick results = eLearning

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Every manager wishes to have well trained employees, so that they bring an extra value to the company and grow its performance.

Although, due to high costs of traditional courses, many companies give up employee training. Can this issue compromise a company’s success?

A cheaper and extreme solution proves to be eLearning training, in which the learning can be done online. Florin Anton, eLearning Director within SIVECO Romania, gives us a bit more information on this method of training and its benefits.

What are the actual needs of the Romanian market?

Florin Anton: In the past years, also in our country, clients have become more and more demanding, in all the areas. In other words, they know exactly what they want when they are searching for a product or service, they do some research before and they want a firm and on point answer. Thus, companies must have well trained proactive and professional employees. In a certain way, everything becomes simpler: if the employees don’t know how to answer to the clients’ needs, that company cannot survive on the market.

What should managers do in order to have well trained employees?

Florin Anton: Such as the bases of a company’s success lays in the professionalism of its employees, managers will have to be more preoccupied with the training and the progress of them. The current training trends focuses on using some solutions that provide a fast transfer of knowledge at a low cost. AeL online training platform, developed by SIVECO, provides exactly this thing: employees training in a short period of time, without being pulled out of production, with the significant reduction of costs compared to traditional training.

What benefits does your training platform bring to a company?

Florin Anton: First of all, the training can be done anywhere, by anyone who has the permission to access the AeL platform, from all over the world. The platform can be used in a System –as-a-Service (SaaS), in the cloud, helping with the decrease of general costs and transforming capital costs into operational costs. Thus, there is no need of a dedicated hardware, no need to buy licenses anymore, as each company pays only for the usage of the system.

Also, the platform allows the participation of a limited number of employees to the training courses, without being necessary for them to come to the training classes and for them to suspend full days of professional activities. More precise, each employee can plan his training depending on his priorities, allocating daily time for studying. Our clients have confirmed that the time spent by an employee in the training process can be reduced with up to 40%.

AeL provides fast and secure access at a multimedia course library, where they can be developed depending on the clients’ requests. The platform is providing a course editor which allows the creating of interactive training materials that can enclose text, picture, video, audio, flash animations, YouTube clips, Vimeo, Ted type resources or slide-show presentations. Basically, the company can create its own courses and they can use them for as many employees as they want, without additional costs.

What advantages do company managers have, that are using the AeL platform?

Florin AntonAeL is a fundamental help for the company managers. They can see at any moment in the system what is the evolution state and the professional progress of each employee and, can plan, schedule and synchronize more easily the training process in the company.

What other eLearning solutions would you recommend to other companies in order to enhance productivity?

Florin Anton: Depending on the company’s field of expertise, we can provide eLearning solutions that consists in training platforms and educational content inventory, inventory systems of training processes and resources, collecting apps, analysis and report of data, educational portals, interactive educational content or virtual laboratories.