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Leverage of ICT Solutions in Elderly Care Cooperatives

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tremendous development of ICT tools and expansive solutions that can be improved and used in a broaden palette of specific activities are becoming inevitably vital for more and more industries. We can simply admit that eldercare domain, although manifesting a hesitating enthusiasm, needs to get the foot in the door and make the next step towards using ICT components in their daily tasks.

To make basic predictions, for eldercare, the use of ICT is expected to reduce the amount of time and distance and also to improve productivity by accepting innovation and allowing information sharing to replace traditional ways of communication. Furthermore, elderly care organizations can actively exploit the advantages of shared knowledge using technology to develop new perspectives for a bi-directional information flow between members.

According to recent studies and reports, large organizations already use professional human resources management applications, task management, accountancy, business communication, remote control of appliances, and nursing care program. An online social platform for eldercare can be structured in such a way of involving social network and telecare services, coordination and knowledge-share between formal and informal care-givers, helping them in accomplishing their tasks.

Considering our advance in researching the existing solutions on the market in European countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Romania, the conclusion easily comes to highlight that there is a keen for a viable solution to innovate the markets or to supplement them with new technologies applied to care cooperatives.

To this end, iCareCoops optimized all-in-one solution will allow cooperatives managers to run their organizations with limited financial resources. iCareCoops is the first tool conceived to provide a common methodology for setting up cooperatives in assisted living domain and their management. Besides that, as an innovative model of cooperation, the solution enables the possibility to join assistance services with therapeutic interventions and services.

Our proposed iCareCoops framework will provide entrepreneurs with a set of guides and tools especially tailored for cooperatives management needs. The online platform will make care cooperatives’ life easier by delivering services to allow caregivers to better organize themselves, to set up their own cooperative, and share ownership and control with different members.

Source: Care Cooperatives