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Introducing IT in public institutions = better services for citizens

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Public institutions activity becomes more efficient and more transparent with the help of IT solutions.

The main beneficiaries of these services are the citizens due to the reduction of bureaucracy. Lăcrămioara Bârseti, SIVECO Applications Department Director, SIVECO Romania, talks about less known aspects related to the implementation of an IT system in public institutions.

How does IT solutions dedicated to public institutions work?

eGovernment solutions enable citizens to interact with central and local administration entities. Depending on the level of decentralization, the activity of institutions is different and therefore, for companies that provide EAS - Enterprise Application Suite type IT solutions it requires a good knowledge and understanding of the way they work and current national legislation. These solutions must be tailored to each area and each institution.

Our solution - SIVECO Applications 2020 (EAS type) has components with functionalities specific to public sector being already implemented in a significant number of institutions.

How are the components of SIVECO Applications 2020 working? Effectively, they solve a number of challenges encountered in public institutions activity: they cover the management of budgets and job flow, liquidation and authorizing payment management, investment management, procurement, subsidized payments from the national budget management and payment management from European funds. Having available a single database, information is entered once in the system and can be accessed by users based on their access rights according to the job description. In addition, coherence and consistency of the data are provided.

In which of the institutions do you consider that a change of IT solutions in the near future is necessary?

All institutions must undergo this process of computerization, both on central and local level. Clearly, any institution aims to reduce public expenditure, make better planning of resources and increase transparency. EAS solutions significantly contribute to achieving these objectives and, moreover, they improve access to information, increase efficiency of civil servants’ activity and promote collaboration between state institutions. Direct beneficiaries are employees and therefore citizens, for whom the waiting period is reduced. How? By reducing bureaucracy. 

Are public institutions interested in IT solutions? Which are the most popular solutions?

Lately, public institutions have shown an increased interest for EAS solutions for human resources. As in private institutions, more emphasis is placed on employee’s development and performance growth within the institution. It is all about public institutions joining the current trends in the exploitation of human capital, namely the adoption of specific tools that allow them not only to monitor their own employees’ evolution, but also to quickly identify the factors that stimulate their performance and to process these data in order to create an environment for employees to become more efficient.

Components of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System provide via Employee Performance Evaluation component (EPM - Employee Performance Management) the implementation of various systems of coordination between performance and employees’ compensation.

Lately, the interest showed by public institutions on integrated solutions for Human Resource Management has increased. Their interest cannot be related exclusively to the introduction in the Labor Code of the requirement related to employees ’evaluation. The management of the public institutions understood that, by the implementation of performance management systems, it is ensured the transformation of relatively rigid processes, such as personnel evaluation in dynamic, transparent and useful processes whose impact is reflected throughout the entire organization. 

Which are the security measures of IT systems?

IT solutions used provide rapid access to updated information and historical data, so the data from the system must be protected. The security of SIVECO Applications System Security 2020 is ensured by limited access to users based on their role in the institution, thus being excluded any unauthorized access to information.

In addition, SIVECO is certified according to ISO 27001 standard on information security, which deals, in addition to IT security, a multitude of other security processes. 

The introduction of an IT system involves also users’ training. Are civil servants prepared to use these solutions on optimum level?

Changing employees’ way of working in public institutions is a long process that is not always a continuous one, and positive results are visible on long term. Our customers were also initially reluctant to change, but we have provided training and support, which helped them to optimally use the IT system.

We place a strong emphasis on users’ training and we stand by them for a significant period of time to facilitate transition to the new IT system.

We have over 1,300 customers, public and private organizations from the country and abroad, with which we have collaborated very well and they manage their activities and resources using our applications.

Source: Club IT&C