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Technology revolution: school has the difficult task of reinventing itself

Friday, March 21, 2014

With Augmented Reality, digital manuals and multidisciplinary interactive content, accessed through multi-touch devices, tablets or 3D technology, school can overcome the present gap between the digital world where children have learned to master the virtual communication and are familiar with high technologies and the educational pattern which should provide knowledge in the third millennium.

Romania has the largest library of educational content from Europe, with over 3,700 multimedia lessons developed by SIVECO, with over 21,000 reusable learning objects for 21 disciplines. Reusable learning objects (Reusable Learning Objects) are developed in order to be included in lessons on tablet, laptop, computer or phone, totally changing classroom configuration, shifting the focus from teacher to student.

Learning fundamentally changed by the multi-touch systems

Multi-touch type systems represent the interface in our interaction with the digital world. Classes taught using these tools and interactive content are successful because they combine all the elements that lead to effective learning.

Instead of manipulating the keyboard or the screen with one finger (as we do with touch screen devices), multi-touch systems are capable of a more natural interaction. Educational content can thus be controlled by the palm, with several fingers, by one or more users in the same time. Collaboration between students and teachers is visibly improved while students develop the habit to work in teams, are motivated to experiment making the transition from learning by retention to one based on discovery and construction of knowledge.

"Optimized educational process in view of competences within a knowledge-based society" project, unique in Romania, was implemented by the Ministry of National Education through the Management Unit for Externally Financed Projects in partnership with SIVECO Romania and the National Defense University "Carol I". It is the first global project that provides an integrated approach for multi-touch technology, innovative and trans-disciplinary in educational process – with direct impact on 40,000 Romanian students and teachers.

3D movies in the classroom

Romania is the first country in the world to create 3D educational content that does not require special glasses, being designed based on auto-stereoscopic screen. The software developed by SIVECO experts allows a whole group of people to study space images, animations and video clips from different perspectives and distances, without using special glasses that are uncomfortable for children.

Imagine the implications of this technology in studying geometry or physics! Or the ease with which students who benefit from 3D educational content will use later, in their professions, the most modern technologies that help them design buildings, planes, even clothing or decorations. Professor Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Manager, SIVECO Romania, says that "our role as educators is to prepare young people for jobs that do not exist today which involve technologies t not yet invented, and train them to solve problems we do not identify today as problems."

Digital manual, as attractive as computer games

The sheet of paper turns into image, lessons have sound and color, simulations thrills imagination, home works become a real challenge against the clock. The lessons are not simple PDFs translated on screen, but are accompanied by audio clips , video clips, animations, simulations, real or virtual laboratory activities , an e-portfolio in which students can save their homework and tests.

The ABC, History, Physics and Geography are the first digital manuals for students from I-XII grades made ​​by SIVECO in partnership with psychologists, with specialists in educational design, programmers, illustrators, designers and high value teachers from Romanian education.

Manuals were created based on national curriculum for each discipline being improved by tablet hosting and by using all applications and facilities available for the user. Children are already familiar with using the tablet and touchscreen technology which makes them adopt the new manuals with the enthusiasm they feel when receiving a new game.

Knowledge can become a passion for life

An equal challenge is training teachers to use eContent, a training that has to be undertaken for life. Within the IT Educational System (SEI), implemented between 2001 and 2008, over five million beneficiaries received access to digital education and 140,000 teachers were trained in the use of multiple teaching models that were not available in the traditional classroom.

SIVECO expertise in the development and implementation of major, national projects, involve other projects developed for Romanian public institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information Society, Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection for the Elderly, the Ministry of Finance.

Collaborative learning assisted by the latest IT technologies, such as multi-touch technology, digital manuals on tablet or Immersive 3D are among the most promising innovations to improve the knowledge process. An approach that encourages students to work in teams to solve exercises and projects, combines knowledge from several disciplines and prove that school may be attractive to students, and the adventure of knowledge can turn into passion for life.