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Wand.education, easy-to-use platform the teachers have been waiting for!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wand.education is a content creation platform that enables teachers to make interactive lessons in minutes.

Wand’s easy to use technology provides teachers with all the resources they need to engage students and spark their curiosity.

Wand.education is all about collaboration, discovery and sharing of best practices and resources. While creating their own interactive content, teachers will be able to deliver the lessons on any device and get actionable data on their students’ progress.

Wand’s platform has ready-made learning templates, where learning content can be quickly filled in. Using its ever growing media library of illustrations, videos and 3D objects, teachers can create learning activities in just a couple of steps. Wand.education is designed for use in all curricula areas, covering all K-12 subjects.

Creating beautiful lessons doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Wand’s standard subscription is free – not free trial, but free forever. Should you need further storage or additional features, such as advanced analytics or premium support, additional packages are available.

To create your free account, simply visit https://wand.education/registration/product/create.

Source: www.educationbusinessuk.net