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Spectacular Romanian victory at the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Awards

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
"Your projects are changing mentalities", say members of the jury in the most disputed worldwide projects competition

This year’s edition of IPMA Awards has witnessed a twofold record: it is for the first time ever in the history of these awards, granted by the most prestigious world project management organization, when the only finalists in a category come from the education field. Also unprecedented is the fact that they belong to the same provider.

In this respect, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, both eLearning projects submitted by SIVECO Romania and its partners were awarded in the category "Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects", at the World Congress of the "International Project Management Association".

The golden Medal was awarded to the project "Educational process optimized in view of competences within a knowledge based society” (http://proiecte.pmu.ro/web/transdisciplinarfse), which was implemented by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation through Management Unit of Externally Financed Projects, in partnership with SIVECO Romania and the National Defense University "Carol I".

The SIVECO team received the bronze medal for the project "Development of interactive multimedia educational content for the educational system in Kazakhstan". There was no silver medal awarded this year.

Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania, has received the valuable awards on behalf of his team, during the awarding ceremony held under the patronage of Croatia’s President. Above all the prizes, the public statement made on the gala’s podium by a jury member provides the true measure of recognizing this achievement’s value: "Your projects are changing mentalities and we are grateful as you succeeded in making us see beyond the project’s documentation. I started to apply at home what I have learnt from you". 

In a touching message sent to colleagues back home, Radu Jugureanu says: "We have all written a piece of history here. There were over 1,000 participants coming from Canada and up to Australia, from Chile to China. The signal that IPMA is giving to governments worldwide is to reevaluate the educational projects and to recognize excellence in the education management. This has happened here and now, with us. This was said to us, in front of the entire world, by the jury members. They said the signal they are sending is coming from us, SIVECO, as they have just taken it over and distributing it further on.”

What has differentiated the project from Romania compared to all the other applications? According to the jury members: "the project including the Multitouch technology has won by far through innovation".

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) competition represents the world championship of projects of any kind (not just IT or education projects), as the jury has evaluated the applications from the project management perspective.

For the seventh time in a row, SIVECO Romania enters the international final of the companies with best projects in the world, and, as a happy coincidence, climbs on the seventh place in the world top of IT excellence.

Gold for "Educational process optimized in view of competences within a knowledge based society”

Apart from IT excellence and the fresh view it brings to the educational process, the project embedding Multitouch technology has opened new pathways. 

"When we were writing the programs for Multitouch, this technology did not exist yet! We found some talented youngsters in Brasov, who have understood what we wanted and have created it for us. Through this achievement, the whole world will learn that a Romanian team carried out projects considered the best in the world. This award is to the same extent the creation of our project partners: UMPFE, UNAP, trainers, creators of curriculum, user guides, impact studies and other materials, script writers, teachers, researchers and IT specialists in Romania", stated Radu Jugureanu during a recent meeting with IT and education specialized journalists.

Bronze for the project "Development of interactive multimedia educational content for the education system in Kazakhstan"

The eLearning project developed by SIVECO and implemented in Kazakhstan included over 4,000 interactive multimedia lessons used in the education process, at national level, by the teachers and pupils in this country. The interactive lessons are in Russian and Kazakh language, for subject matters such as physics, mathematics, algebra, geometry, and vocational disciplines, too.

"The solution of digital educational content provided by SIVECO Romania is implemented in over 530 schools from Kazakhstan, having as main objective aligning to the modern pedagogical trends by using the information technology in schools and providing an attractive learning environment", has declared Yelena Artykbayeva, manager of the department of digital educational content for gymnasium and high school within the National Center for Introducing IT, Kazakhstan.

About IPMA

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