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CSR Activities

We are actively involved in the society’s life, through our IT projects and also through social actions initiated at the company level, but also individually

We encourage innovative teaching

Members of our team joined the Habitat for Humanity program as volunteers in 2011.
In only one day we built the foundation of a house in Bălţeşti, Prahova,which will host 3 romany families.

Equiped with overalls, gloves and glasses, our team amazed the organizers - Habitat for Romania Association - with their tremendous will to work even in the weekend.

It was a very useful social responsibility experience which we strongly recommend to all potential volunteers.

Beyond the humanitary essence, being a voluteer helps at acquiring new skills, at interacting in different situations from the ones you are used to.

Working on the construction site requires maximum focus (you can easily get hurt) and team work (when you realize how much you depend on your team!). In these moments you can see how the team performs and obtain concrete and immediate results or learn how to overcome crisis situations. All are very useful and can then be applied in your daily work!

Earth Hour 2012: change starts with us

In March 2012, people from 130 countries celebrated Earth Day by turning the light off for an hour as a sign of their commitment to fighting the global warming. We joined the rest of the world in reducing energy consumption through a symbolic action, proving our involvement in protecting the environment.

Donate 2%!

SIVECO employees took part for the fourth year in a row in the campaign for the collection of 2% of the income tax. The money was forwarded to 23 NGOs involved in the health sector, orphan protection, seniors’ protection, environment protection and so on.


A sign of solidarity

On October 2nd, 2012, SIVECO staff has worn yellow. Our colleagues wanted to show they care and they support “The International day of winners against cancer”. Through a small but important gesture we have showed our solidarity with those who have succeeded in curing from this atrocious disease. Their courage and optimism are inspiring each of us.

The invitation has been launched by the Little People Association in Romania, which, for 16 years provides psycho-social services in the medical field, and ensures daily support and complex intervention programs to the children and young adults suffering of cancer throughout the country. 


We support House of Hope

The needs of those ailing do not go unnoticed to us. We are supporting the building of the Center for Palliative Care for the patients in terminal phase ailing of incurable diseases - HOSPICE “Casa Speranţei” Bucharest (House of Hope). In 2012, we have participated in the symbolic event of laying the first bricks of the center.

16,000 champions

Since 2003, SIVECO has been organizing the biggest competition for students passionate about IT. 16.000 students took part in the 9th editions of the competition, a true opportunity for future IT specialists.

"This contest has become a tradition. The number of students who come here every year reassures me about the future of Romania’s IT sector. We are proud that through this project we are helping young people perform better. The global society needs more IT specialists", stated Radu Jugureanu, AeL Educational Content Department Manager.


Communication and social integration through sport

Young football lovers from SIVECO played an exhibition game along with a group of mentally impaired children. Through this initiative, organized by the Special Olympics Association, they supported the social integration of people with disabilities.


Being Green!

Stop the waste! We’ve started the internal campaign on Waste Management!



In the Guinness World Records!

Several SIVECO employees participated in the first cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CRP) course, along with 7,400 citizens of Bucharest willing to learn the first aid techniques. They trained on the Dinamo stadium under the instruction of ambulance personnel, assisted by the Guinness World Records representatives, who confirmed that this action was entitled to enter the Guinness Book of Records.



We build houses and hopes

The Marketing Department lived an unprecedented experience on the work site in Bălţeşti, Prahova, where they set the foundation of a house for a numerous Roma family. Our colleagues – equipped with chisels, hammers, nails and rulers, but also with an admirable fervor – worked hard to build the pillars and roof. The action “We build houses and hopes”, started by the Habitat for Humanity Romania association, contributes to the improvement of this minority’s poor condition.

We support the fight against corruption!

Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing & Communication Manager, represented our company at the 16th edition of the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) of the World Economic Forum based in Geneva.

Representatives of the companies that signed PACI, including SIVECO Romania, discussed about problems such as the fight against bribery and corruption and the need for leaders that promote anti-corruption policies in companies.

Donations to children and seniors

SIVECO employees offered gifts to the children from the Periş Centre and to seniors from the Floarea Roşie care centre.

It was a touching action, in partnership with the representatives of LITERA Publisher, who donated books and encyclopedias. We donated notebooks, pens and watches, clothes, bags, rucksacks and footballs to the children. For the Floarea Roşie center we donated money that was used to buy footwear, clothes, food and cosmetics.


Competition for designers

We invited the best designers to a 2D/3D graphics competition. After the initial stage, the selected contestants were invited to present their creations to a commission of the specialists from within the company.

The three winners were given money prizes and the opportunity to work with a team of professionals from SIVECO Romania for the development of interactive educational content.

Partners in the contest were the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design from the National Art University of Bucharest and the “Ion Mincu” Association of Architecture and Urbanism Students.

Other CSR activities

Initiated at the beginning of 2003, the SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellence includes a series of initiatives of the company in the educational sector, aimed to promote creativity in eLearning:

  • SIVECO Cup (reference competition for the undergraduate education, dedicated to the students skilled, talented and interested in IT educational applications and for teachers creating innovative education means)
  • .champion (informatics performance training program supported by prestigious teachers and students, former winners of the international informatics contests)
  • SIVECO Academy (the program aims at providing for several groups of college and master students high quality and performance education in the field of software engineering and economic informatics)
  • SIVECO Summer School (project offering professional training and seminaries for teachers and young people with a passion for educational informatics systems)
  • The Euro 200 social program
  • The National Informatics Olympics
  • The National Virtual Learning Center
  •  "Let’s learn, let’s learn!", project initiated by SIVECO Romania in partnership with World Vision Romania, promotes the development and implementation of eLearning and aims at improving the computer literacy of the teachers and students from the rural environment, introducing IT classes among communities and facilitating the access to information for the members of the community
  • Partner of project "Young people’s Parliament", initiated by "Pro Democratia" Association
  • SIVECO Romania supports the civic conferences project "On the proper use of democracy", initiated by ARDOR
  • SIVECO Romania unfolded the "Be smart, don’t be violent!" campaign, in partnership with the General Inspectorate of Police, Bucharest
  • Supporting "Bucharest Summer University", organized by ASE Bucharest, 2005
  • Contributing to the organization of the national IT Forum camp in Campina, 2005
  • Contributing to the organization of the National Informatics Olympics, 2005-2008, for secondary school and high school
  • Contributing to the renovation of the workshop of School of Arts and Crafts no 3, Bucharest (School for mentally challenged children)
  • Contributing to the realization of the "Followers of Moisil" competition, 2004-2008, organized by the "Grigore C. Moisil" Informatics High School, Iasi
  • Organizing introduction and training courses in computer literacy, for the benefit of the General Authority for Undergraduate Education within MEDC, 2004
  • Awarding prized to the winners of the national phase of the Applied Informatics Competition, 2nd
  • Supporting the Mathematics Faculty team in the finale of the international ACM competition, Prague, 2004
  • Supporting the web design competition of "Tudor Vianu" National High School, Bucharest 2004
  • The SEI (http://portal.edu.ro/) Educational Portal donated to MeDC
  • Evalman, system donated to MeDC in view of assisting the selection and public acquisition process of alternative school books
  • ADLIC 2001-2008 (designing, developing, implementing and administering the data centralizing application and the actual distribution of the candidates for the admission exam in high schools, arts and crafts schools as well as coordinating all the activities connected to the process of collecting the data and distributing the candidates)
  • Supporting the Informatics Balkaniade 2003
  • SIVECO Romania supports Romanian artists - contribution for the participation of the violin player Cristian Fatu at the "Fritz Kreisler" Violin Festival, Wien, October 2005
  • The Award for Educational Journalism organized in partnership with Commission for UNESCO
  • Awarding "The Sympathy Prize" to great Romania artists: Victor Rebengiuc and Mariana Mihut, Ilinca Tomoroveanu and Traian Stanescu, Carmen Stanescu and Damian Crâsmaru, Catalina Mustata and Florin Zamfirescu, Ion Caramitru and Mihaela Caracas, Marina Constantinescu and Mircea Rusu
  • Organizing a support campaign for the victims of recent floods in the Galati area together with Romanceam
  • Donations of computers for the school in Gura Vaii, Onesti
  • Monthly study scholarships for students from the Mihai Eminescu high school in Petrosani, starting on June 2002
  • Supporting the unfolding of the Traviata opera performance, for the benefit of the HIV positive children, 2002
  • SIVECO Romania got involved in the social and humanitarian life by organizing support campaigns for the victims of floods between 2005 and 2008, donating construction materials, computers, supporting the "School of a New Beginning" project, the camp for children from distressed areas, developed within the National "Summer University" Program, offering Christmas presents for the senior citizens asylums.