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Our team: passion and innovation

We believe the performances of an organization, its national and international competitiveness are essentially provided by the quality of its specialists. That is why SIVECO Romania's investments in its employees are of great importance. Through our human resources policy we aim at recruiting the best specialists on the labor market, at ensuring motivating work conditions and the possibility for continuous improvement by providing staff with training courses in Romania and abroad. SIVECO Romania is a young and ambitious team, who gave each year the measure of its excellence in the IT field.

Daniela BICHIR, Vicepresident Quality and Human Resources, SIVECO Romania 

Education and professional development

Every year, we organize internal and external training courses for our employees.

The courses cover the following fields:

  • Technical
  • Professional
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Soft Skills

Annual training

The annual training plan is drawn up together with the managers and is focused on the development of those competencies that the employee is using intensively in his/her activity. A course takes, in average 2 to 5 days.

The training providers we work with are permanently assessed as regards to the quality of the supplied training program and the correlation between the courses and the company's requirements.

MBA Programs

The MBA programs are addressed to higher-level managers. They are programs, which unfold for several years and acknowledge the loyalty of the employees to the company.


The integration of new employees in the company and maintaining normal quotas of retention at represent one of the most efficient methods of ensuring company's development.

The personnel's retention process begins in the first day of work of the new employees.

The successful integration of new colleagues takes place by following a few steps:

  • the new employer is acquainted with the company, its organization and functioning
  • the internal regulations
  • the communication methods and rules

Integration with the position held in the organization

The new employees receive detailed information about their departments: the department's activity and objectives, the operational limits of the activity, the activities carried out by colleagues, the scope of activity and expertise of each colleague.
Also, new employees learn more about job's attributions and responsibilities, the work rules and procedures, the relations with other departments and other members of the team.

Work conditions

SIVECO Romania is a modern company, keeping in line with the market trends, this being one of the reasons why the work conditions in the company are among the best. Our HR policy is based on the positive motivation of the team, and in order to do this, we make sure that our employees work in an enjoyable environment and climate.

The IT activity is a dynamic one, often very demanding for employees, while enjoyable work conditions are important for the quality of their work.

The SIVECO Romania team works in modern premises, providing employees with multiple facilities and pleasant working conditions, thus contributing to an atmosphere, which encourages maximum work productivity.