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IT solutions dedicated to farmers

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

By using an IT management solution, farmers can increase their farm profitability

Preparation and management of crops and farming operations are very important and have a significant impact in getting a bountiful harvest and hence profit. Supporting this process with a software solution brings a lot of advantages by linking costs with revenues, including income from subsidies.

The Farm Management System, an innovative tool developed by SIVECO Romania’s specialists, is based on the farmers’ requirements and solves their problems, empowering them to efficiently manage all specific activities of small or large farms.

In most farms, records are kept on paper or in Excel, the information being decentralized and uncorrelated. Typically, the chief engineer has a lot of functions and cannot cover all the processes to be followed on a farm. The farm development is out of the question, no matter how well prepared is the staff. Therefore, the help of technology is more than necessary. Because we have gained a valuable experience in designing solutions for farmers and we know farmers’ needs, we have developed o special solution, Farm Management System, and we are confident it will bring added value to all its beneficiaries. Also, it’s important to know that farmers can access EU funds for the purchase of computer systems”, says Gabriel Lospa, eAgriculture Department Manager within SIVECO Romania.

What benefits offer the solution? First, farmers can manage important information on agricultural areas: the map with the ownership of agricultural land or leased land, management and crop rotation, farming operations management. So they are aware at any time with crops history, used fertilizers, the concluded agricultural work, the resources used and the obtained results. Secondly, they can plan and monitor the agricultural works - mechanical works, preparatory works, and technological costs - essential activities for any farmer.

All farmers aim to have under control the consumption of fuel, materials (seeds, fertilizers, herbicides), human resources - and they are getting the full support from SIVECO’s Farm Management System, helping them reduce costs substantially.

The information generated by the system is extremely useful to any farmer for the sustainable development of his business:

  • agricultural areas mapping
  • the list of agricultural parcels for submitting grants to APIA
  • tracking the work fulfilment process and generating notifications when delays occur
  • cost analysis: planned, executed, attainted and determination of profit at group/farm/field/crop level
  • reports for tracking the lease contracts
  • reports on inventories and fixed assets management
  • tracking on the map, on your tablet/smart phone, agricultural works execution by connecting with electronic equipments available on the agricultural machinery.

The Farm Management System allows easy interfacing with the financial and accounting management modules.

Moreover, the solution is available on smart phone, tablet or laptop, anywhere, anytime. Thus, farmers can solve in a timely manner any situation that may occur. The solution doesn’t require advanced IT knowledge, being easy to use by anyone and having an intuitive interface. Farmers can also benefit of training for the use of the solution and support from a team of specialists within SIVECO Romania.